The Finest Tourist Attractions in Athens, Greece


Are you planning a visit to the sites in Athens? If so, then keep reading. Here, you will discover the greatest three attractions sites in Athens. We know you are super busy and we want to make it simpler for you, just to make sure you go crazy and enjoy every second in Athens.

The following are the most fascinating sights you will not want to miss in Athens, Greece;

1) Acropolis and the Parthenon

The rock of Acropolis and the Parthenon is unquestionably your principal pick among the sites in Athens. You will enjoy walking in the primeval ruins, leading you to a magnificent sight of the town. Enjoy the view of Parthenon and have a high regard for every handmade sculpted scheme on the marble. Ensure you also visit the new Acropolis Museum; today it has in plenty the goodies of nature. Undoubtedly, this exploration involves a long walk, adventurers indeed, so get ready.

2) Ancient Agora

The historic Agora was the residence for the vintage Greeks center of politics. It is an evergreen with panoramas of Acropolis. Here, we have the relics of the ancient Forum, the shrine of Hephaestus that is the well-preserved Greek temple, the Stoa of Attalos among other cenotaphs. Acropolis is not that far, as a result, you can decide to visit both places.

3) Cape Sounion

Sounion Cape is some kilometers away from the town, quiet and clean at all times. It is a decent place for family vacations and lovers. Here, we have the temple of Poseidon, God of the Water World. You will be moved and taken aback by the outstanding and brilliant view of the Aegean Sea. You may want to get crazy for that night, no worry because the following morning you will go catch the pleasant sun or maybe find yourself at the beach.

Athens is a wonderful metropolitan with numerous attractions worth seeing. Just on word for these places, excellent! You might similarly opt to just stroll around and admire other minor headstones.

So now, you are not stepping to sites in Athens minus the slightest idea of what to expect. Plan your vacation and enjoy your tour.

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