The Memorial Day 2018 an Unofficial Start of Summer For Americans

Observed on the last Monday of May every year, The Memorial Day is commemorated for honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Formerly known as the Decoration Day, it became an official federal holiday in 1971 following the Civil War. However, it is also considered as an unofficial start of the summer season. Americans spend this 3 days long weekend by visiting cemeteries of their loved ones, organizing family gatherings and participating in parades.

How Memorial Day came into existence?

The Civil war in America, which took more lives than any other conflict in the U.S ended in spring of 1865. Soon, after that country's first national cemeteries were established. Moreover, by late 1860s, the citizens across America started offering springtime tributes to all soldiers who lost their lives during the civil war by decorating their graves.

Originally observed as Decoration Day, It was earlier immortalize only those who lost their lives while fighting in the Civil War. However, the United States found itself entangled in another ravage during World War I, so after that, the holiday was observed in the honor of all those American military personnel who died in all wars.

In 1966 the federal government announced Waterloo, New York, the official born place of Memorial Day. Previously, for more than 10 years it was observed on May 30, but to create a three-day weekend for federal employees, in 1968 Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, after which The Memorial day started to be observed on the last Monday of May every year.

What events and parades organized on the Memorial Day?

On this National Memorial Day, Flags across the United States are put at half-staff from morning to noon. The special concert is also organized for National Memorial Day in the west lawn of the United States Capitol, which is broadcasted everywhere in America.

Moreover, thousands of parades are organized in several towns across the country and at 3 PM the country falls silent as the national moment of remembrance takes place.

At unofficial note, many people across the country take weekend getaways or throw parties on this 3-day long weekend, as it is the unofficial start of summer.

When is Memorial Day 2018?

This year, Memorial Day will be observed on Monday, May 28. As most of the Americans, plans for short getaways for three days long weekend, so many airline companies offer Cheap flight fares on flight and Hotel ticket bookings.

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