Top 5 Tips For Getting The Most Out of a Grand Canyon Tour

It's that time of year when the weather at the Grand Canyon is just right for sightseeing, so it's also the perfect time that you started booking your next helicopter or airplane adventure. But don't buy your tickets just yet, instead check out these 5 easy tips for making sure that you get the best trip from Vegas, with all of the extras that will make your tour even more special.

Get the Right Price by Booking Online

Tip one is pretty simple, you just need to make sure that you book online. Booking online will get you the best ticket prices, because you cut out the middle man. Tickets are often discounted by up to 35%, so you seriously don't want to go through your regular travel agent. Booking online also saves you time, and you won't have to worry about whether your seats are secured or not.

Use Your Credit Cards to Lock in Your Tour

When you book online, you will be able to pay instantly with your credit card. Not only does this lock in those lower ticket rates, but it also ensures that there will be no unpleasant surprises when you make it out to Las Vegas. Online tour bookings are all inclusive of taxes and fees, so you won't have to worry about hidden expenses. Just remember to book in advance, and I always recommend that this is done a minimum of two weeks prior to your trip. Booking too late will result in increased prices, which generally get higher the closer it is to the flight date.

Consider an Airplane Tour

Airplane tours are popular with larger groups, or anyone that is travelling on a budget. Planes fly to the West Rim and the South Rim. When you take an airplane tour to the South Rim, you can include a jeep tour on the ground. You can also board a helicopter at the South Rim for a scenic tour to the North Rim, and back again.

Take a Tour on the Colorado River

The Colorado is what shaped the Grand Canyon, and you can take a combined bus and raft tour from Vegas to the South Rim. It's truly amazing to see the Canyon from a river raft, and because there are no rapids, kids and older travelers will love this tour package. There are plenty of stop off points at rocky beaches, allowing for short walks on top of the river adventure.

When Choosing Helicopter Tours – Go Deluxe!

If you want the complete VIP experience, choose a deluxe helicopter tour. These tours are offered in a state of the art EcoStar 130 helicopter. It is quieter inside, has a spacious cabin, and has large seats in a stadium type layout. The best thing about the newer helicopter is that it has a huge 180 degree windshield, which allows for unparalleled Canyon views from the air. To top it off, you will get a tour of the strip, and your shuttle service will be provided by Limousine. It doesn't get any more VIP than that!


With these five tips, you can plan for the best tour, whether you choose to fly from Las Vegas to Arizona's South Rim, or to the West Rim in a helicopter. If you have more questions, or just want to learn more about what is on offer, come and visit me at my website. I offer a live chat service and can give you expert guidance on your next tour. Just remember to book early, use your credit card to lock in your ticket, and then prepare for one of the greatest adventures that you'll find in North America.

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