Top 5 tourist attractions of St. Helena Island

Saint Helena is one of the remotest places in the world, located in South Atlantic. This is an interesting island, well known among the tourists for its various attractions and natural beauty. Jamestown is the capital of St.Helena where tourists can find luxurious St. Helena hotels to enjoy their relaxing and comfortable stay at the island.

Here we have listed top five attractions that you must see in St. Helena

1. The Museum of St. Helena, Jamestown

When you are at this place, you should visit its local museum where you will get all the information regarding development and history of the place. The museum is located at Jamestown in vintage warehouse but all the articles and objects are well organized and resemble the history of this island. In this museum you can also grab information about natural resources of the island. It's a worthy place that tourists should not miss.

2. Jacob's Ladder, Jamestown

This is an amazing attraction or Saint Helena that you can see in the Jamestown. It's an inclined surface having around 700 steps that work as a connector between Jamestown and Half Tree Hollow, a high hill area. It was built in the year of 1829. You can climb this inclined ladder only if you are physically fit and your health allows for it otherwise you should not try it.

3. Rhine House Mansion of Beringer Vineyard

There are a number of vineyards in Saint Helena which are renowned for making quality wines. Beringer Vineyard is one of the oldest vineyards located in the Napa Valley. It was established in 1876, and Rhine House Mansion was built here in 1884. Now, this mansion serves as the tasting room and has become main attraction of this vineyard. Apart from wine tasting you can also enjoy seeing vintage furniture and other articles of the mansion.

4. Robert Louise Stevenson Museum

If you love those classic English novels like Treasure Island, kidnapped, etc. then you must visit the big size Museum which is dedicated to great author Robert Louise Stevenson. It is said that he had spent some years in the small town of Napa Valley in Saint Helena too. Now, articles and objects belonging to this author are kept in this museum.

5. The Residence of Napoleon

Napoleon spent his last years in this house located in Longwood. The house is renovated and much of its objects and materials were moved to other places. It's now a museum having exact replicas of those objects and furniture. This museum is run by French government and has beautiful gardens around it.

If you plan to visit this beauty island then book your room in St. Helena Hotels in advance to make your stay comfortable and relaxing.


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