Top Hotels to Check Into When Visiting Monte Vista


Top Hotels to Check into When Visiting Monte Vista

Top Hotels to Check into When Visiting Monte Vista

Is your next vacation destination the famous Monte Vista in Colorado? Well, it’s time to tick it off your bucket list for the numerous adventures and leisure it can give you. however, it is not enough to think of a place, you need to check out where you will stay too. There are quite a number of hotels that are both well-priced and good places to stay in. You could check into any one of them. If you want the list narrowed down further, we can help you out. We have a list of top hotels that have been curated based on the price, quality and several other factors. Hopefully, this should help you.

Best Western Movie Manor
This is one of the top-notch hotels in Monte Vista, Colorado. You will hear a lot of people vouching for this one, and it definitely makes up for a pleasant stay. One, it offers access to almost all the must-visit locations in Monte Vista. It is a Hollywood styled hotel, which is pretty close to the drive-in theatre at Monte Vista. All your basic amenities are taken care of. The Zapata falls and the reptile park is easily accessible from this hotel. It is definitely one to book your stay in. Free breakfast is probably another incentive to stay here!

Sandhill Inn & Suites
This is a family-owned hotel with 24 hours customer service, hot breakfast, and free wi-fi as services that you get on booking your stay here. It is one of the best hotels in town, where the staff is friendly, and you get an experiential stay. Recently renovated, this place has added some of the finest features to make your stay easy and amazing. It is pretty near to the wildlife refuge. If you love some scenic view, then you can always visit the refuge at sunrise from the hotel. In fact, even the sand dunes are pretty accessible from here.

Rio Grande Motel
Located a 100 yards away from the Rio Grande river, the hotel is all beauty and aesthetics. Definitely worth staying in. It is 10 minutes away from the Turtle Back Mountain Resort and the Golf Course. It comes with basic amenities and excellent service. You cannot ignore the staff and their experiential service while in this hotel. Very comfortable, and pleasant, the stay has been ranked great by everyone who has stayed here. You will have stories to tell when you check out of this hotel.


Monte Villa Inn
If you have read into Monte Vista, you would know that this hotel is one of the national historical landmarks in the country. Built in 1932, it serves the customers with unique experiences and helps them come up with unique stories. It is comfortable and delivers what it promises to in terms of service and experience. With all the amenities and some backdrop story to offer, this is indeed the place to stay in as it is close to Monte Vista and its history. Despite the history, it has roped in the modern amenities with brilliance.

These are the top hotels in Monte Vista. You can book into any one of these and get an amazing experience of living in the heart of Colorado.

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