Traveling in Bandung Need Rent a Cars

Have u go to Bandung? If not, i have a some tips if u want go to this city.

Bandung have a many good place you can visit. Some popular destination for this flower city is : Tangkuban Perahu, Kawah Putih, Angklung Udjo and many more.

3 place i said above the distance is quite far, so u must rent a car in this city.

Besides rent car help you in transortation from one place to another place, the driver help you to guide. But take care chosing a car rental services, wrong company its mean a bad driver.

I will give you information about best car rental company in Bandung later, after i done writing about this city.

Bandung beatiful city, this city also call Paris Van Java and Flower City. In antiquity, Bandung visited by people from Netherland, Portugis and UK. So Bandung have a building with characteristic with this country. Heritage building is awesome, you can took a photo for your social media.

Weather in this city so good, about 21 celcius – 28 celcius.

The distance destination for tourist in this city is quite far, Tourist area divided in 3 area : North Bandung, South Bandung and Centre of Bandung or City Area.

In North Bandung many many place you can go, but in North Bandung – Lembang they didn't have public transportation. And of course in South Bandung too.

South Bandung or ciwidey have a beautiful crater, it is call Kawah Putih / White Crater.

From centre city to this location about 2 until 3 hours.

In Kawah Putih, you must bring a musk because sulfur in Kawah Putih.

After go to Kawah Putih you must visit Situ Patengang.

Situ Patengang is a lake, you can play a paddle boat in this lake.

Public transportation only have in town, like a taxi or angkot (mini bus transpotation). So iam really recommend you to rent a car. As i promise before, i will give you a best car rental in Bandung.

You can chose what car you need for your tour.

If you under 6 passanger, i recommend you to chose Avanza or Xenia.

This car is cheap and comfortable. Fuel consumption economis and its a best deal i think.

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