Trek, Explore, Cherish In The Meadowy And Picturesque Hamlet Of Narkanda

At an elevation of 2,708 meters, Narkanda is a picturesque hillside hamlet. It is connected by National Highway 22. Narkanda, which offers a spectacular view of the snow-capped mountains, is frequented by tourists throughout the year. Visitors can find a number of hotels in Narkanda and book a suitable accommodation. The place offers the perfect escapade for a refreshing and enjoyable vacation.

Narkanda is just 65 km from Shimla and hence you can easily include it in your itinerary. Exploring Shimla, Kalka, Narkanda — all in the same trip — can be one holiday trip to remember for days. Making a trip memorable, however, comes with thorough planning. Right from a nice accommodation to the list of places to visit, every detail matters a lot. A tour into the hills can be as unwinding as the roads spiralling up your way. You suddenly feel a certain disconnect from the banal and as you move deeper into your expedition, the blissful nature and its numerous enchantment work on you like some therapy. A walk into nature has always been seen to have a healing touch and hence a couple of days or more in Narkanda can be a rejuvenating experience.

While visiting Narkanda, three must visit places are the Hatu Peak, Stokes Farm, and Kacheri. Each of these places are unique in their experience which you can cherish and brag about among your friends. Hatu Peak is the highest viewing point of Narkanda. You would have to trek for about 7 km in order to reach the peak. So, it is downright an adventure for those who like a little sports in these huge and tall Himalayan surroundings. Dhumari and Jau Baug are a couple of attractions as you trek on through the wide and narrow meadows. Once you reach the top, you would find a temple which is quite popular amongst the visitors. There is a small pond as well. PWD provides a guesthouse at the peak which can be your temporary resting place for a while. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the region and get bewitched by the mesmerizing scenery from this altitude. Across your sight lie several mountains, snow-capped and magnificent in their appearance. Stokes Farm, on the other hand, is known for its apple orchards and it is a must visit in Narkanda. You take closely look at the cultivation and interact with the keepers who would tell you many a stories. There is a Mahamaya temple dedicated to Goddess Kali in an area called Kacheri. You can visit this temple as well.

Even on a short trip, Narkanda offers you a handful of memories to savor and it is one of the most beautiful places in the Shimla region. You can visit the place in a group or with your friends. There are several budget hotels in Narkanda which offer a reasonable stay.

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