UG Cafe And Bar in Bhubaneswar The Destination For International Cuisines to International Standards

Bhubaneswar is home to over a thousand temples that have earned the city the nickname of the Temple City of India. The city is also known for its ikat fabrics and applique fabrics as well as Orissa handicrafts. If it is a paradise for shopping, it is also a place where gourmets can have their fill of local as well as international cuisines. From roadside stalls to the finest restaurants, one can find them in Bhubaneshwar.

One of the best destinations for international cuisines prepared lovingly by trained and expert chefs to International standards is the UG Cafe Bhubaneswar based in Hotels. One can go sightseeing, visit the temples, indulge in shopping and then enjoy dinner buffet in Bhubaneswar at the UG cafe, which is centrally located and a peaceful haven for gourmet treats. Rated as one of the finest buffets in Bhubaneswar, the cuisine served here is international in menu and standards followed by chefs.


The food is enticing and so is the decor, ambiance, and service. One can start with a cocktail concocted by talented bartenders and place orders for one’s choice of international foods. The UG Cafe’s finger food is just so tempting that one could end up gorging on these alone. There are pizza wheels to try, chipotle black bean cakes to savor, goat cheese stuffed apricots to munch on and sweet potato bites to tickle the palate. With a vast spread, there is no lack of choices. On the contrary, the choices can be confusing as to which ones to pick and which ones to leave for another day.

Finger food is just the precursor to the culinary delights that follow. Whether one prefers spicy Mexican, exotic Chinese or exquisite French or the more earth Italian foods, UG Cafe buffet spread lets guests sample what they like and have their full of the sumptuous international foods. If the mood is for Asian cuisine, there is a choice selection. If one wishes to simply munch on burgers, pizzas, sizzlers, and sandwiches, there is no lack of variety.

Some may prefer a sit-down restaurant where waiters take orders and bring food to the table but a buffet is so much better in so many different ways. There already is a gorgeous spread of international cuisines. Guests have no restrictions on what they pick to eat. One can enjoy a small treat, head for the bar and have a small drink, listen to and dance to music and then relax a little before starting all over again. There is nothing hurried about the UG experience; it can last for hours until closing time.

The right way to have a good time at the UG cafe in Bhubaneswar is to arrive here in the evening around 7 PM in the company of a friend or friends and then have a lovely time eating, drinking, chatting and spending time in sampling life’s pleasures. It is the place for people with refined sensibilities who are looking for something more than just an evening’s dinner.

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