Ultimate Hangout Options in the City of Hyderabad

After the frantic weekdays, what do you actually look forward to doing? Enjoying at a fun place certainly tops the list of must-do weekend activities for most of the people. Fortunately, in city like Hyderabad, there are lots of such options available to have fun while hanging out with your friends or family. The city has numerous spots that can make the weekends quite enjoyable and relaxing. These are the places where Hyderabadis meet, chat, eat, drink, dance, or just laugh it off. Here, we have summed up some of these best places to hangout in Hyderabad.

Runway 9 in Hyderabad:

If you haven't been to this place in Hyderabad, you have definitely missed out on some real fun. Runway 9 is the largest go carting track in the country. But it is not only about this. In fact, this place offers lot more than that. Here, you can enjoy football, skating, archery, et al. You can relish delectable cuisines at its restaurant or have a hearty chat with friends at the pub named as Chequered Flag.

Club Republic in Hyderabad:

For the music lovers, this is one of the best places to hangout in Hyderabad. If you have ears for the cleanest sound in an exhilarating ambience, visit this club with your friends on the weekends. This club has lots on offer with 4 independent consoles, refreshing dining room, lounge, and exquisite cuisines. Here, you can have a complete blast on the dance floor and also, enjoy a wide variety of beer.

Prasad's IMAX in Hyderabad:

This is the first IMAX theatre of Southern India. With its strong film protector, it offers a never-before movie watching experience along with plethora of other activities like shopping, eating out, and gaming. It is a perfect hangout for the families as well as a bunch of friends. It remains crowded during the weekends. So, be careful to have complete fun.

Alleygator Gaming Parlour in Hyderabad:

With its four bowling alleys and other indoor games, this is the perfect gaming hangout in the city of Hyderabad. There is a cafeteria with decent stuff and a private theatre that you can hire to enjoy a private time with your friends or family.

Downing Street in Hyderabad:

It is one of the swankiest and best places to hangout in Hyderabad. The cool ambiance and great food is the USP of this pub. You can spot many P3 people at this pub during the weekends or Wednesday nights. There are Karaoke nights to sing it loud and clear.

Inorbit Mall in Hyderabad:

It offers the perfect mix of eating and shopping. This mall in Hyderabad is a favourite of everyone who loves movies, dining, and shopping the whole day out. All mega brands are there along with delicious foods to gorge upon.

Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad:

This sprawling place is the best hangout for all in this city. It is the largest film studio of the world spread over 2000 acres. It is dotted with numerous attractions for all ages and interests. This film city has massive gardens, stunning film sets, theme parks, adventure sports, excursions, Children's parks, and what not. It offers the perfect leisure for the family, student groups, pack of friends, and even those, who love to spend their weekends in complete serenity.

Mocha Cafe in Hyderabad:

It is undoubtedly, the hippest place to hang out in the city of Hyderabad. Indulge in a tempting chocolate brownie or just unwind your time while sipping a perfect brew, this place offers you the best of both worlds. This place is a paradise for those who love chit-chatting over endless sips of tastiest beans. Also, there are delectable desserts being offered here along with a life shop to buy anything that fascinates you at Mocha.

Eat Street in Hyderabad:

If you relish fast food, never miss out on this place. It is certainly one of the best places to hangout in Hyderabad for those who love good food in a perfect setting. Located on the famous Necklace Road, this eatery has variety of fast foods to tickle your taste buds in a beautiful environment adjacent to the lake.

Xtreme Sports Bar in Hyderabad:

For sport lovers, this is the place to be in Hyderabad. Here, you can serve your appetite while drooling over the best beer and watching your favourite sport with like-minded public. What else do you ask for in a place to hang out during the leisure times? If sports are not the only charm in your life, there are other events like Karaoke nights, ladies nights, EDM nights, and Acoustics nights being hels here from time to time. Just stay updated and you'll never regret the time spent here.

These are some of the most exquisite places to spend your quality time with friends or family in the city of Nizams. They are contemporary and unique with loads of fun packed inside for you.

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