Vacationing in Hawaii – Oahu

Planning a trip to the Hawaiian Islands but not sure where to start? Torn between picking a single island or doing some island hopping? With six great Hawaii islands that you can visit, how do you choose the best island(s) for you? That's a question that many potential Hawaii visitors wrestle with. Here are a few solutions for you.

Review the visitors' bureau website for each island. If a particular island looks interesting to you, order their free island guide. These sites and guides highlight the scenery, cultural activities, and island adventures. The island visitor bureaus gives you a good overview of what each island has to offer.

You can also visit the go Hawaii website where you will get tons of information about the Islands, including place to visit and things to eat and also the events taking place daily.

Wherever you decide to book your vacation on the Hawaiian Islands, eccentric beaches, friendly faces and ono grinds (good eats) are practically guaranteed, but every island has a unique flavor. Get swept up by the kinetic energy of the capital island, O'ahu. Hang loose on Maui, which offers a little something for everyone, but especially for beach bums. Gaze at the towering sea cliffs on ancient Kaua'i. Wonder at new land being birthed by volcanoes on the Big Island, Hawaii's youngest isle. Escape to total resort luxury on Lana'i or learn to live life off the land on rural Moloka'i, where native Hawaiian traditions run strong. Whatever you're seeking in paradise, the Aloha State has it – all you have to do is open your eyes.

One very important factor that influences a Hawaii vacation is the budget, so here are a few tips to make the best of your budget:

  • When you go to Hawaii. Some dates/times are cheaper than others. When demand is down, so are the price of flights and hotels. See my post on the best time to go to Hawaii for tips.
  • How far you're flying. For example, West Coast flights are generally cheaper than Mid-west or East Coast flights because there is less distance, i.e. less fuel and cost.
  • Whether you typically prefer budget, mid-range or luxury hotels.
  • The length of your stay.
  • Whether you prefer fine dining or eating on the cheap.
  • Whether you want to go on guided tours or you're willing to create your own tours.

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