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London is a visitor's paradise, with more than 1,200 land-worthy attractions for tourists to visit annually. But, the city also as a number of at attractions that are just as interesting to visit on or in the water. Guests staying in the Vauxhall hotel in London or hotels near Waterloo, or in hotels near Victoria must have heard of London's famous London Eye, only five minutes from Waterloo Station.

However, guests may not realize London also has some of the best riverboat cruises not far from the Vauxhall Hotel in London. Kick off a visit to London aboard one of London's party boats that cruises the Thames River. What better way to see London's Tate Museum, the splendor that was once Batter Sea Power Station?

A side of London that's dedicated to water is near hotels near Waterloo, etc.

It may be easy to overlook the Southold Pier, once a grand, historic pier between London Bridge and Great Yarmouth. A length of 623 feet today, the pier was once one of the shortest piers in history, after sections of the pier were destroyed. What are interesting about this pier are the funny, inspiring messages in plaques that line the hand railing and its water clock. Built for a water recycling competition, visitors can see the clock perform every half hour and there is no waiting to see a clock that uses water to tell time.

The pier is also home to a number of homemade slot machines, including Rent-a-Dog, Auto Frisk, Bathyscape, etc. The best part is you can walk on a pier that was once also considered one of the longest piers in the area until a portion of the pier was destroyed by a bombing in 1944. The portion of the pier was destroyed so the Germans could not use it to come ashore during the war.

Enjoying the ducks while on the water is a treat for guests staying in hotels near Waterloo

Guests near hotels in Victoria and elsewhere may enjoy a restaurant where the main attraction is that the restaurant is on the water. Feng Shang Princess offers diners extraordinary Chinese food while allowing guests great views across the water. Besides winning an award for being Diner's Choice, this restaurant, near the Regent's Canal, this restaurant offers guests staying near Victoria or in the Vauxhall Hotel in London, some of the best cocktails aboard a pagoda-style boat on the water.

If you don't make it to the water to enjoy some of London's best water attractions or visit one of Britain's piers for a boat ride, history lesson, or both, you can visit the National Maritime Museum. It has a splash zone for the children to enjoy and is a fun way to cool off on a hot day for guests near hotels near Waterloo Station.

If you're looking for comfort, relaxation and an enjoyable stay at an upscale, budget hotel in Central London, then look no further than the Belgrave Hotel in Victoria. Offering you comfy, cosy bed and breakfast accommodations in a modern hotel setting, the Belgrave Hotel is a luxury experience at a cheap, budget-friendly price. At the same time the Belgrave Hotel is conveniently located so that you are never far from where you need to be on your Vauxhall hotel london visit.

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