What Are The Advantages Of Staying At A Boutique Hotel?


These days, people are preferring compact and intimating environment to stay, to make them feel like to be home. Boutique hotels embrace travelers with the authentic cultural ambiance of the host country or the state. If you can get the same facilities and luxurious component in small luxury hotels with bar in Kolkata, at a cheaper pricing, then why would you go to chain hotels? If you have never stayed in a boutique luxury hotel room in Kolkata, you are absolutely missing out. Following are a few advantages of staying at a small luxury boutique hotel in Kolkata.

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Advantages Of staying At A Boutique Hotel?


In respect of size, boutique hotels are smaller than the traditional and typical chain hotel. Most of the boutique hotels have rooms under 100, even less than 50. In such a small sized hotel the staffs can look after the guest’s needs more efficiently. They can even provide you with a customized service according to your requirements. The smaller yet compact, and intimate setting of small luxury hotels with Bar in Kolkata will make you feel comfortable and more personal.


Boutique hotels are like theme hotels, full of specific personality, reflecting charm and grandeur. Many of the boutique hotels are some old or heritage buildings, drenched in the past days’ glory and delight. But, some of the small boutique hotels are the witness of the advanced level of modern architecture. Although the common and general characteristics of these hotels are trendy and chic, still they mirror the cultural background and fertility of the host country or state. They offer various kinds of rooms according to your affordability. But all of those rooms oozes charm, beauty, and luxury that can freshen you up during your stay. Whether you are a traveler, on a business tour, or just want to escape from the cacophony of the city, staying at a boutique luxury hotel room in Kolkata would be the best for reviving your soul, to rejuvenate your mind.

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Free From Corporate Companies

Most of the boutique hotels are free from the grasp of larger corporate companies. This has made them able to offer and present their service to their guests, just like they want. Besides the aesthetic charm and splendor, the luxury boutique hotels offer customized services to their guest. And this is only possible when the ownership is sealed with independence.

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