What to Do in Pushkar The King of Pilgrimage Sites in Rajasthan

What comes in your mind when you hear Pushkar? Well, there are many different things that you can do here; this solely depends on your interest. If you are a freaky traveller then the busting bazaars of Pushkar will lure you, and if you want to explore the rich culture of the city then you can have its glimpse at Camel Safari, and in case you want to touch the religious side of the city then proceed to Brahma temple where you can find so much about this king of pilgrimage sites in India.

Pushkar is nicknamed as Tirathraj Pushkar where 'Tirathraj' is a Hindi word that means the 'king of pilgrimage sites'. The city is honored with this title because it homes the only temple of Lord Brahma in the world. There are many reasons why you should be at Pushkar, and we are here mentioning the top reasons to justify your visit. Go through the points and definitely Pushkar will be in your travel bucket-list.

Mesmerizing Pushkar Lake: The city attained its name after the mesmerizing Pushkar Lake which abodes it's premises. It is believed that the water in the lake comes out from the tears of Lord Shiva; hence it is considered very holy as per Hindu mythology. Taking a dip in the sacred lake water will spread the positivity in your mind and soul. Capturing the enthralling lake view in your camera lenses is something that will be in your memories for lifetime.

Busting Bazaars for Handicraft Shopping: If you are in Rajasthan, and have not bought souvenirs for your loved ones from here, then your trip is not at all complete. Go and get something for your near and dear ones from the Handicrafts market of the city and definitely the shops will not disappoint you. Whether, you are looking for wooden pieces or are looking for traditional Rajasthani Handicraft items, you will find everything beautiful here. And colorful cotton umbrella is something that will cherish the receiver.

Brahma Temple: However, we are mentioning it in the third place, but this is the most unique thing that you will witness only and only at Pushkar. The city is famous for hosting the only Brahma Temple in the world. So, if you are visiting Pushkar for religious point of travel then this thing will not disappoint you.

Camel Safari: Now, for those who want true adventure and thrill in their city visit, camel safari fair in Pushkar is something that will make your trip just wonderful. Have a ride in the sheep of the desert and capture the true feel of being in Rajasthan. You can book your camel safari tour through a reliable Rajasthan tour operator and enjoy something really thrilling at Pushkar.

If you are still looking for other reasons for being at Pushkar then it is the sanity and peace of mind that you will never ever find anywhere else than Pushkar. It is situated only few kilometers away from Ajmer which is a big railway station and connects well with all the major cities of India. Enroute Ajmer to Pushkar you can capture wonderful view of hills and lake which will make your journey just wonderful. If you are travelling Pushkar from outside India, then don't worry it is considered to be one of the safest locations in India for foreign travellers. So, no matter from where you are coming or where you will terminate your Journey if you are at Pushkar you will receive great hospitality and care by the city locals.

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