What to Look For When Choosing an Ideal Hotel in Ernakulam!

Ernakulam, one of the most serene places of South India, has a lot to offer to the tourists. The pleasant amalgamation of tranquil environs and adventurous spots, make this part of the state all the more inviting. Ernakulam is blessed with appealing natural beauty, the extreme calmness and extraordinary charm of the place is the reason why it attracts tourists from all across the world. Though there are many budget hotels in Ernakulum but choosing the best one is a tough task to do. There are many factors that make a hotel perfect. From the location, to staff, to the services that they offer, everything has to be researched before selecting any one particular hotel. Vedanta Wake Up! has built an exceptionally beautiful budget hotel in Ernakulam.

Listed below are some points that make this hotel extremely favorable-

1. Location

Vedanta Wake Up! Ernakulam is sited at one of the best locations of the region. It offers mesmeric view, and is equipped with all the required amenities. The greenery near the hotel makes it all the more alluring. One can simply relax inside the room, and sip a cooler while enjoying the beautiful view of the sunset.

2. Proximity

Vedanta Wake Up! Ernakulam is just 3km away from the bust stop and just 4km away from the junction, and just 5.1km from Kochi Biennale. Even Kochi International hotel is around 30km away from the hotel. It is very near to Cochin and hence, acts as a perfect getaway to a trip to Cochin as well.

3. Facilities

All the rooms are designed intriguingly. The hotel is covered with greenery, and this feature makes it one of the best hotels in Ernakulam. From WIFI to food, everything is available in the hotel. It also has a restaurant that offers luscious food all day long. Also, group parties can be organized here as well. The well-trained and extremely courteous staff makes sure that trip turns out to be the best ever!

4. Our Philosophy!

Vedanta Wake Up! believes in offering top-class service. Our concept of making these budget hotels that are of high-quality came from our vision of increasing the love for travelling. From one of the best restaurants in Ernakulam to extremely picturesque environs, this hotel has got everything to make it just the best!

Vedanta Wake Up! is trying to maximize the love for travelling, and by making good budget hotels, we want to increase peoples' love for travelling. Although, all our hotels including this Vedanta Wake Up! Ernakulam hotel, meet all the quality standards and are decent enough to spend a quality vacation. We choose the location for our hotels very deliberately as we always try to offer the best possible view, and a chaos free environment.

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