Which Place Is A Better Honeymoon Destination – Mauritius Or Maldives?

Choosing the perfect honeymoon destination can be quite a task! How about checking out a list of destinations that are popular and then shortlisting a couple of them? There are many international tour packages on offer but two of the most popular honeymoon destinations are Mauritius and the Maldives. The question of whether you should pick a Mauritius tour package over Maldives de-pends on what are your interests as a couple, and what suits you best.

Maldives seaplane taxi

Maldives seaplane taxi

  • Are you the type who loves fun and adventure? If you love taking up activities, especially water sports, you definitely must choose Mauritius. You can enjoy snorkelling and diving, yes, but you can also include surfing, water skiing, parasailing and kayaking among others. Participating in all these adventure activities as part of your Mauritius tour package will help you and your partner bond. You will cherish these memories for a lifetime.
  • International tour packages to Mauritius also include some of the best beaches like Belle Mare, Flic En Flac and La Cuvette. You can also enjoy whale and dolphin spotting. In terms of variety, Mauritius wins hands down over Maldives. There’s something for every kind of interest in Mauri-tius, from the Grand Bassin Lake and a temple to Chamarel, where you can see seven-coloured dunes. There’s the Black River Gorges National Park, as well. So, if you get bored of the beaches, you can visit all these spots.
  • The Maldives, on the other hand, has fewer options than Mauritius. The place has the usual snor-kelling and diving, but not much of the other activities. It is more suited for those who just want to laze around and not do much. Most of the beaches are part of private resorts, so you might want to stay there to enjoy these beaches. Also, in terms of attractions and sight-seeing, the op-tions in Maldives are fewer. You may get to visit a couple of historical places but nothing beyond that. Maldives is seen as a laid-back place with nothing much to do, so you may end up feeling a little short of excitement and thrills!
  • Mauritius is also more budget-friendly than Maldives. It offers options to suit different pockets.


Now that you all about the two destinations, pick one of the tour packages that suits your interests the most. Mauritius is ideal if you want an adventure-packed and full-of-thrill honeymoon. If you want a relaxed and lazy one, you could pick Maldives.

POLL: Which international destination, according to you, is the ideal one for honeymooners?

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