Who is Asiana Airlines

Most people wonder what the absolute best airline that is out there, and that is Asiana Airlines. With leading expertise in flight and transportation, Asiana continues to advance exponentially inside the industry.

Company Overview:

Asiana Airlines is one of South Korea's pride symbols because of its large size and successful rates. Asiana Town is wheretheir main headquarters resides in. This town is located inOsoe-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul. The current president and CEO is Yoon Young-Doo along with chairman Park Chan-Bup. The airline shares two hubs: Gimpo International Airport for their domestic uses and the Incheon International airport for international uses. Although the number of destinations is around 100, the air service provided is high quality guaranteed. Always With You is the slogan they strongly follow by and have been since 1988.


As of this year, this airline employs over 9,500 people, with majority of the pilots, flight attendants, and ground staff based in Seoul. As Asiana Airlines is a member of Star Alliance, the business alters it to become one of the friendliestwork environments. There is much focus on multiculturalism interwoven in the network by promoting diversity in character. Talent development and teamwork are put to high standards for all positions. Asiana Airlines created many positions: Ticket Sales Agent, Security Guard, Customer Service Agent, Flight Attendant, Baggage Handler, Air Traffic Controller, Operations Agent, Cabin Crew Member, Pilot, Co-Pilot, Flight Dispatcher, Travel Agent, Regional Sales Manager, Sales Representative, Aviation Meteorologist, Passenger Service Agent, Crew Schedule Coordinator, Aircraft Avionics Technician, Airline Station Agent, Airline Flight Instructor, and Airline Administrative Support. The two jobs listed that are entry level: 1) baggage handler, 2) customer service agent. With equal opportunity employment, job seekers can apply as young as 18 years old. Qualified employees receive competitive base pay and many benefits packages.


When making reservations through Asiana Airlines there are options to choose flight only, flight and a hotel, or flight and a car. There are future rewards to booking flights with Asiana. They run the Asiana Club, which is a membership that provides cheaper baggage fees and mile points. Members upgrade from silver, to gold, to diamond, etc. by accumulating miles. By reaching more mile points, bonus tickets and seat upgrades become available. More benefits with the reservation and the Asiana Club are discounted rates at member hotels, information services through e-newsletters, car rental companies and duty-free shopping malls, and access to Star Alliance.


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