Yachting in Montenegro – a Luxury Yacht Makers Perspective


Montenegro is one of the impressive jewels of the Adriatic Sea, a place of towering mountains, deep green forests, sun-soaked beaches, and crystal-clear inlets. Yacht makers say that the place's pristine waters are perfect for yachting. Compared to the Mediterranean, you will find Montenegro's coastline peaceful and untouched.

Yachting in Montenegro is an indulgent experience of both breathtaking beauty and glamour. Since Porto Montenegro has opened, Montenegro has become a haven for yachting in the Adriatic – it's fast overtaking Croatia as the most popular destination. You will see yachts all over Montenegro as their owners seek out some sun and fun along the uncrowded coastline.

On-board one of the luxury yachts in Montenegro, you might drop anchor by the attractive peninsula of Stevi Stefan, where the ancient citadel has been converted into one of the premier spa hotels in Europe. In the striking, historic town of Budva you will enjoy the liveliness of the warm nights, as the summer superyacht parties' start and candlelight and music dances across the quiet water. You can also relax on the sandy beaches of the river island, Ada Bojana, or take the chance to try some of the yacht's water toys, working up to a desire in visiting the fantastic waterfront seafood restaurants on the other corner of the island. Active yacht owners will surely appreciate the country's varied landscape, which is set apart by canyons, caves and tumbling waterfalls – perfect for adventure sports. Additionally, is also magnificent, with high forest paths offering jaw-dropping views across the spectacular Adriatic coast, all the way to Croatia.

Furthermore, for those who wish to bring their own yacht or boat and need to find berthing, new boat manufacturers suggest organizing berthing in advance. You can book a space in a marina or organize a berth where you will be staying.

The coastline is full of little “pontas” – little piers with berths – and places to anchor a small boat. However, these are not easy to find because they are so in demand, especially during the summer months. According to luxury yachts Dubai manufacturers, it is worth asking your host whether they can find a berth for you to rent close to your apartment, villa or hotel.

There are so many reasons to experience yachting in Montenegro. It is surely something you can do no matter what season you are coming.

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