You Need to Visit These Unusual Places in Yorkshire


Deciding on what to do for Yorkshire days out can sometimes be difficult, as there’s so much family activities Yorkshire to choose from. Some of the attractions greatly vary, from old castle ruins to natural wonders and busy medieval cities. Not only this, but there are plenty of wildlife and theme parks which are perfect for Yorkshire family days out. If you are searching for the best outdoor attractions, the following information should help with this.

Beginning with some of Yorkshire’s best natural wonders, Gaping Gill is known as one of the country’s largest caves. It is in fact so large, it can fit a cathedral inside its chamber. It normally has a waterfall running through its system, but luckily for 2 weeks of every year, professional cave explorers allow taking members of the public through. This is an ideal place to tick off for Yorkshire family days out , just remember to bring a waterproof!


Another area which is famous for featuring in films, like Harry Potter, is Malham Cove. It is a carboniferous limestone cliff, which is 80 metres in height and 300 metres in width. Known as one of the most popular locations in the county, it formed by a cataract which eroded the lip, helping create the curve shape witnessed today. Not only is it a lovely looking location, but also one that is popular with cave divers and rock climbers too. So, if you are looking for good family activities Yorkshire to do, this should be one to visit.

One of the best and unusual places to visit on Yorkshire days out is the Red Telephone Box Graveyard. What once used to line the streets of Britain and even Gibraltar too, now all remain in one massive graveyard that can be visited in the county. As technology continued to progress, the famous telephone box soon became a thing of the past in the 1980s. If you want to add this to your list for your Yorkshire family days out, you can find this in a small village called Carlton Miniott.

York drinking in Yorkshire
York drinking in Yorkshire

Built 200 years ago, Temple Druid still stands as one of the most interesting places to visit for Yorkshire days out. The history behind it is one that regards an innovative solution for those in the 1820s, who were unemployed at the time. William Danby who came up with the idea, said to workers they would earn a shilling a day to erect the stones; aiming to build a personal Stonehenge. In modern day, pagans make use of the location for the summer solstice that takes place every year.


Other educational family activities Yorkshire that you should visit include Eden Camp. One of the only modern history museums in the county, it should be noted the site was originally a prisoner of war camp. Once when each hut used to house different prisoners, now stands to tell different stories of World War 2. This museum should be seen at least once in you and your family’s lifetime, as it is important to be aware of the wars history.

Keeping the above in mind, this is only scratching the surface of some of the most unusual places to visit in Yorkshire. Thankfully, if you still want to stop-by more places, there are many more to choose from.

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