Your First Travel Destination – Nepal Travel Tips

Before you make a decision to travel, make sure which destination has the maximum attraction of your interest. Is the destination hassle free? Can you get a proper information of that destination? Have your friends or relatives visited that destination? Is that destination tourist friendly? If you have good information about these questions, better is going to be your trip.

Nepal tour

Nepal is a perfect destination for cultural, natural, the Himalayas enthusiasts. Introduced as a Himalayan destination, country of Mount Everest, it has retained its charm as one of the best adventure destinations of the world. Carved between the foothills are the valleys which retain the cultural charm from ancient times. Capital of the country “Kathmandu” which is located in central Nepal is a bowl shaped valley and is also popularly known as “racial melting pot” of the country. This city has preserved medieval pagoda architecture, fine craftsmanship, and ancient Newar culture. This city is finely tuned for cultural enthusiasts. Kathmandu city is culturally preserved city, it is a book whose every page has an interesting story to tell.

For nature enthusiasts, not far away from Kathmandu city is a hilltop village of Nagarkot hill top village. At an elevation of 2000 meter above the sea level, it is a perfect place for sunrise and sunset views. This place also provides the view of Himalaya panorama that extends from the east (in clear weather you will be able to see Mount Everest) till the west. Chill and relax here with 180 degree view of the mighty Himalayan ranges which uplifted from the ground during the collision of Eurasian and Indian subcontinent plate. This collision has shaped the culture, nature, tradition, and the people living there. A wonderful creation of nature that every nature enthusiast wish to visit.

Ride through the stunning mountainous highway, till you reach the tranquil Pokhara city. This is truly a piece of ” Heaven on Earth”. This town floats over the Seti river and yes with time it is sinking below. However, it will take time for that event to occur. Till then nature enthusiasts cannot rule it out from their ” To Visit’ lists of destinations. This is a city of lakes and mountains. It has a pristine lake, lakeside is the charm of Pokhara city. The close proximity to the Himalayas allure tourist from all over the globe. Mount Fishtail (6,993 meters) seems like to rise from the from the valley floor and touching the heavens. It is a sight to behold, a breathtaking town of Pokhara is a gateway to the world’s best trekking trail of Annapurna. This is a reason why you will see all the adventure enthusiasts in this town getting ready for the trekking toward the mountains or those returning back astounded by the alluring trail of Annapurna. This city is a gateway to heaven.

Those who wish to enjoy the subtropical jungles of Nepal, Chitwan is one of the favorite tourist destinations, during the tourist season it is a tourist beehive. Travelers get to this place as it is easily accessible from Kathmandu and Pokhara and has one of the best preserved wildlife reserve in south east Asia. So looking for a chance to see an elusive Bengal tiger in its natural habitat “You should be very, very lucky for that” but yes, you will get to see endangered one horned rhinoceros and other fauna in its natural habitat.

So this is one of the places that might be of your interest, but you will require a lot of information regarding accessibility, hotels, logistics and good feedback from your friends and relatives which will make your trip to your first destination a memorable experience.

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