3 Reasons And 7 Days Itinerary For Yachting in Aeolian Islands

The diversity is making the areas favored charter destinations for the nautical tourism market. The important one is – you can reach these areas only by water, if you wonder reasons for yachting in Aeolian Islands.

Turquoise water bays fenced with high rugged summits and little villages set that sailing disposition that was perfect for voyagers. Here are more why 200,000 tourists annually visit AeolianIslands for sailing., on '

#Reason 1: Aeolian Islands are in the pages of history!

In the year 2000, not merely for the historical significance of the isles, but in addition for exquisite beauty, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The warm, deep sea waters of the region have seen many sea ventures that date back to 5000 years past. It was in early 4000 BC that settlers arrived here for the first time. Subsequently these have been battlegrounds for many empires.

Don't forget that war in 257 BC between Rome and Carthage? Aeolian Islands were the battlegrounds.

#Reason 2: Gives you the ideal sailing climate

Water stays crowded from May to October. The months of June, May and September sets the perfect weather in Aeolian Islands for sailing. When the climate stays hot, yet, more tourists arrive during July and August.

Sirocco, the Mediterranean storm is not brought by early november and it settles in March. So, it's better to avoid seeing then.

#Reason 3: Heart is where great food is!

Who'sn't conscious of wine and Italian cuisines! Once you're on the AeolianIslands for sailing, you can taste lip-smacking food with strong flavors. The main tropical products – capers and tomatoes are certain to be there in almost every dish you are offered. The Aeolians mostly garnish plates with oregano, basil, rosemary and other aromatic herbs.

You must taste the perfect Aeolian combo of fresh fish with local wine. Expect to get lots of sweets and cakes, should you see during any holiday. Your luxury crewed yacht charter will provide you with different cuisines, in case you're searching for assortment.

Well, all set! Now, as you are ready to explore the crystallized water of volcanic peaks, isolated reefs, bays, enchanting flora and fauna and archaeological sites, here's your route guide for yachtingin Aeolian Islands.

Sailing itinerary in Aeolian Islands: 7 days – 7 islands

Usually, sailing trips are coordinated for a week a probationary plan for your journey on the sea is below!

Day 1: Embarking from Lipari

Most yachts or catamarans set their sails from Lipari, located in the Archipelago's center. In fact, it truly is from where you can travel to the other neighboring islands, the main transportation center. Conventional boats are also available. You can reach Lipari from Sicily or Italian Peninsula by ferry.

Being the greatest island of all 7, this really is the top place to embark your 7 day charter of yachting in Aeolian Islands on a Saturday afternoon. Visit the castle rock that houses a museum there.

It's going to take a short time to go to this area as Panarea is the smallest of all. Although there are no shores as such, there are some amazing immaculate coves. Besides, the typical Aeolian structures spread over the island is worth a watch. Truth be said; this place is a little more expensive but is perfect for relaxing from sound and pollution.

Hint: For couples, this amorous haven is a 'must' in Aeolian Islands on their sailing itinerary.

Day 3: Heading over to Stromboli

At the very first sight, this will seem to be smoke lost somewhere in the purest of Med waters. But as you move the tall, tough 100 meters of black mountain certainly appears before your eyes.

If the adventuresome adrenaline is there in you, then anchor your yacht and take pleasure in the excursion to that crater and there's the magma!

Tip – Make sure to carry sufficient water and food along with. Wear suitable footwear and of course, clothing that are comfy, warm.

Day 4: Salina Island

There are TWO inactive volcanoes here, along with the Valldichiesa Valley in between is truly enchanting. Anchor your vessel and be sure to take a dip in the cliff base – 'once in a lifetime' experience! Don't miss areas like Pollara Bay.

Salina is also referred to as the greenest island for its Natural Reserve too besides being the second largest island among the 7.

Day 5: Filicudi Island / Alicudi Islands

On your fifth day, see Filicudi Island that provides you the top sea floors for water sports like scuba diving. This place boasts of its rich wealth of greenery and the sea. There're amazing sea caves like Grotte del Bue Marino; a major draw for sailors. It's possible for you to reach by boat.

As per your sailing itinerary in Aeolian Islands, head over to the Alicudi islands next to explore the 500 meters vertical cliffs.

Day 6: Vulcano – nearly the end of your charter

Get another trekking encounter of 1 hour or less and the peak will offer you extraordinary picturesque of the entire archipelago.

Trick – You must take a bubbling hot mud bath here.

Day 7: Back to Lipari

Stop your yachting in Aeolian Islands at Lipari. Have a memorable sailing vacation along with a cheerful nightlife to cherish.

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