Silvercraft Cruisers – A Favorite For Family Boating Fun

Silvercraft fishing boats
Silvercraft fishing boats

The Silvercraft range was first introduced in 2008 to represent and group the wide and diverse series of smaller cruiser fishing boats and family cruisers manufactured by Gulf Craft.

In just a few years, the Silvercraft fleet has grown and was able to establish a number of models – varied style, size, capacity and purpose. The Silvercraft series consists of family cruisers, fishing boats and combines high-end hull designs, advanced performance and evolving styles. Built on the seafaring traditions of the region and its own boating heritage, Gulf Craft has quickly developed as one of the leading fiberglass builders worldwide.

Silvercraft fishing boats

Silvercraft Design Characteristics

Silvercraft takes the principles of its parent brand, Gulf Craft when it comes to its devotion to reliability and innovation in exterior styling as well as in its interior design layout, for which it is widely recognized across international markets in the marine manufacturing industry. Thus, the models under the Silvercraft brand are considered the best family boats not only in the UAE, but globally.

Comfort, reliability and styling are the design guidelines that have defined the success of the family cruisers and fishing boats that make up the Silvercraft product series. The boats and fishing yachts for sale are built for pleasure cruising, sports fishing and a range of water activities, such as water-skiing. The brand offers a selection of models that combine the advanced hull design and superior performance.

Featured in this video is Gulf Craft’s Silvercraft 36 CC (center-console) fishing boat.

Furthermore, Silvercraft center console boats are highly recommended as a fishing craft on account of all-round flexibility supported by their design. With the console located in the middle, the runaround railings give plenty of space for the baiting and balancing of fishing rods and other apparatus offering a spacious and comfortable fishing experience.

Silvercraft fishing boats
Silvercraft fishing boats

Another unique feature of the Silvercraft range is their versatility and suitability for use as military and coast guard vessels, which place them in high demand across several countries.


All Silvercraft fishing boats and family cruisers have designs tailored to provide a stiff, durable and lightweight structure, top quality interior finishing materials and deck fittings. Built with structural reliability and safety in mind, its hulls have proven track-record in demanding situations in the waters. The Silvercraft fleet includes Silvercraft 48 HT, 40, 36 HT, 36 CC, 34, 31 HT and 31.

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