Top Characteristics of a Luxury Yacht Enumerated

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Best yacht brands like Majesty Yachts by Gulf Craft are well known for providing yachts that have lavish style as well as innovative engineering. However, not all superyachts are created equal. There is a yacht for every taste, from family-oriented to adventure crafts, which are designed for adventurous individuals who like to do sports on and off-board their superyacht. The following is a list of characteristics to consider when looking for a superyacht.

Owner’s Private Deck

Gone are the days of just simply having a huge stateroom on the main or upper deck on a private luxury yacht. Today’s luxury yacht engineering usually has a whole apartment on a private deck to completely satisfy superyacht owners.

Motor yacht Majesty 155 - Sun Deck Lounge
Motor yacht Majesty 155 – Sun Deck Lounge

Sky Lounge

A yacht’s sky lounge is one of the best luxurious entertaining spots where sunrises and sunsets can fill the huge windows and immerse you and your guests in the wonders of nature.

sky lounge


Nothing is more relaxing than lying on a hot tub. Fortunately, most of the private yachts for sale by Majesty Yacht feature a Jacuzzi. Most are outdoor that offers impressive panoramic views of the ocean. Most of the time, these Jacuzzis are surrounded by sun pads and deck chairs in addition to well-stocked bars. This makes the area the perfect place to relax and soak up some sunshine or gaze at the stars. As the luxury yachts are getting bigger, so too are the size and sophistication of their Jacuzzis.

Jacuzzis Majesty Yachts by Gulf Craft
Jacuzzis Majesty Yachts by Gulf Craft

Beach Club

Originally, yacht’s beach clubs are being used to make launching tenders and toys easy and had a retractable ladder for swimming. But no longer is it just an area to splash out. These spots now offer a wider range of experiences. There are some owners who set them up as water level open-air gyms while others are home to a full span including a spa pool, steam room, shower, yoga space and treatment room. These versatile waterside venues are an entertainment essential on a superyacht.

Movie cinema room on board Majesty Yachts by Gulf Craft
Movie cinema room on board Majesty Yachts by Gulf Craft


When thinking about a luxury yacht, watching a movie is probably not high on your list of things to do. However, after a busy and tiring day exploring the beauty of the ocean or checking out local dive sites, a relaxing evening watching your favorite movie can sometimes be just the ticket. And if you are going with the family, it is a good way to entertain kids while the adults enjoy sunset cocktails.

A vacation in a luxury yacht is a truly unique experience. This unforgettable journey allows you to enjoy your time with family and friends in utmost luxury and comfort.

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