3 Things to See in Kalgoorlie Today!

Kalgoorlie is a unique outback mining town in Western Australia, a place that is surrounded by many kilometers of the Great Australian Desert on all sides. However, today it is well connected to the rest of the country, especially to the nearest metro city of the country, Perth. It is no surprise that gold and many other minerals are mined in this area such as nickel and copper. After all, this has been one of the places where the Gold Rush of the bygone era was in full swing. However, the area is not bland, boring and empty at all.



There are many things a visitor can see here, various types of foods you can enjoy and many new experiences one can make. In this article, we shall see why you should take a trip to Kalgoorlie Boulder region, and what is here to see. You will also find some accommodation in Kalgoorlie. Set’s start!

  1. The Golden Mile: This is one of the most prolific places of this area. The Golden Mile is known for being one of the largest and the richest gold deposits in the world. You many therefore see various related an industry in the area while coming here, such as miles, trains and locomotives to transport materials, and such. You will also see lots of Kangaroos!Hannans North Tourist Mine: Like we said before, this is mostly a mining place.
    Thus, it is fairly obvious that some of the attractions will have something to do in mining. In this case, the Hannans North Tourist Mine may not be an actually running mine, but is realistic enough to imagine yourself as a miner. Delve deep in the tales of gold rush history and anecdotes of mining in the modern age. You can ride of large haul trucks, which is like a ride in a roller coaster. You can take turns in loading materials into a huge but safe furnace and much more. Through such interesting tales, games and activities, you will have a nice time here to soak up the history of the place. Visitors are encourages to avail themselves of the BBQ facilities and the restaurants in the Chinese Garden outside. You may also find some accomodation in Kalgoorlie nearby.
  2. Museum of the Goldfields: If you like to learn about mines, but going down one makes your claustrophobic, then you’re in luck! This place gives you a lot of fun, enjoyment, knowledge and you do not need to go down the dark mines. Here you can see various interesting gold jewelry and nuggets, miners’ cottages and stores for miners. A tall viewing platform here gives you a fantastic view of Kalgoorlie.

    Golden Mile Super Pit: This place is so famous that it is shown in many movies or at least scenes are based on this scenario. Even if you miss all the others, you should definitely come here. This enormous strip mining pit is 1.5 km wide, 290 meters deep and 4 km long. It can even be seen from space!




There are only some of the many places you can visit here as a tourist. While there are many others, these are some of the top attractions and are a must-see.

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