5 Most Beautiful Castles in The World


Especially in many ancient movies, castles are main living space and categorized as the most honorable place, where the army, the king, and other members, stay for long. But competitions aside, if you ever surprise visiting the world's greatest castles, here is the list of the 'Top five Best Castles in The World'.

1- Citadel of Aleppo:

One of the great & oldest castles of the world, constructed in the 13th century. It almost covers the area of 39804 square meters and is located on 50 meters high hill in the center of Aleppo in Syria. It is said that it was the stronghold for the army and stood on the crusader era protection. Numerous civilization including the Byzantine who had occupied this partly conserved fortress and Greek. It spreads on 39804 square meters area.

2- Buda Castle:

Located at the southern tip of castle hill in Budapest of Hungary, Buda castle is also one of the beautiful castles.

It was reconstructed after the attack of Mongols, Buda's citizen wants the castle to defend themselves against their enemies. The castle had been invaded much time, rather they tried a lot to construct it more strongly than enemy thought at that time. After several years of construction, it was completed and finally the day when it was totally completed in 1266 A.D. It shields an area of 49485 square meters. Nowadays, it is a museum and also contains National Gallery of Hungary.

3- Prague Castle:

Situated in the Czech Republic and was constructed in the 9th century. It covers an area of 66761 square meters and consists of St. Vitus Cathedral, where the crown jewels are secured. It now stands as one of the largest and majestic castles in the world. Although it was constructed in the 9th century, its development can be dated back to the second half of the 18th century.

It also attended as the residence of many spiritual leaders and Holy Roman emperors. Currently, it is used as the official house for the head of the state. It is full of gloomy structures and also the castle has been used as the seat for the Czech monarchs since its construction in 880 A.D.

4- Windsor Castle:

One of the oldest and greatest castle in the land of England, built in the old Era and covers an area of 54835 square meters. It is one of the numerous authorized residences of Queen Elizabeth II where she has consumed many weeks and weekends, resting or for official work.

The castle is also used for several state functions. The prominent structures in the castle are Queen Mary's doll house and National apartment of leaders. The castle has also attended as the burial site of some monarchs.

5- The Borj Nord:

Built in 1582, one of the oldest fort in Morocco but is now a military museum whose name is Museum of Arms. It was constructed by order of the Sultan Saadian Ahmed al-Mansur, according to some to locals, the potentially disloyal population of Fez, in the place where there was an earlier tower that was part of the defenses of the city. Amazing place to visit in Morocco holidays 2018 because this museum has almost 5,000 pieces, 775 of them displayed, which are demonstrated in 13 rooms.

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