A Tour of The Casa Fosado Museum

Casa Fosado Museum

I went with my girlfriend willing to know the main attractions of Cancun, we toured a couple of archeological zones and museums, later we stopped at a place that caught our attention, it is the Casa Fosado Museum.

We didn’t think twice about it and we got to know what it was made of, and when we entered we found engravings from the 19th century, photographs from the golden age of Mexican cinema.

Engravings from the 19th century, photographs from the golden age of Mexican cinema, pastels by the renowned and highly prized artist Arnaldo Coen, lithographs and posters, as well as anonymous reproductions, handcrafted pieces of great craftsmanship, hand-painted ostrich eggs and various curiosities were part of the Expo-Venta with which the Casa Fosado Museum in the city of Cancun officially opened its doors.

We also appreciated lithographs and posters, as well as anonymous reproductions, decorative and utilitarian handcrafted pieces, hand-painted ostrich eggs, a variety of curiosities.

Museo Casa Fosado seeks to spread the cultural diversity of the destination and make Museo Casa Fosado, a meeting point for artists, intellectuals and general public interested in art, culture, history.

Casa Fosado Museum

This mystical place was founded by Victor Fosado, promoter of culture in Cancun, since he was one of the first people to organize cultural events and activities in the city.

Victor Fosado III visual artist and also goldsmith, son of Victor Fosado Vazquez, attends in person to each and every one of the buyers and each piece is the subject of anecdotes and peculiar stories.

“We bought this little wooden airplane at Mercado 23 and used it for a Cancunissimo cover, with it we integrated an offering that was later photographed and has a special value for the family because it was a way of remembering my father,” says Victor Fosado III.

“When he came here piloting a plane, it was because you had to take those armatostes to Cozumel, first they landed in Isla Mujeres and then they left for Cozumel”, says the heir of a tradition that he shares today with the inhabitants and visitors of Cancun, through the initiative of this new museum, a space that will be inaugurated in March 2016 and that has just begun its fundraising activities.

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