Discover Charming Beijing With Great Wall

Visiting the Great Wall of China is not like popping around in Beijing but it is one of the must-visit attractions in this country. In fact, much of the charm and beauty of Beijing clings to this legendary construction and tourists can traverse different sections of this wall throughout the year. However, the trip will largely depend on your fitness and interest. If you want to avoid crowds, you have to plan your booking in fall or spring. To make your way through different parts of the Great Wall, it is necessary to hire a local guide to explore its stunning beauty. Even though you can visit this destination during summer and winter, the temperatures are likely to stay at the extreme.

Great Wall

Great Wall

Choosing the section

For Great Wall tour in Beijing, you have to choose a suitable section at first before you prepare to get swayed by the serpentine construction. There are different kinds of transportation you can avail to reach this destination such as a bus or train and you can take a taxi as well. Try to know the rates from the local guide or the travel operator especially if you are not an expert in the Mandarin language. The sections of the Great wall can be divided based on the kind of trip you would like to make. You can go for hikes and there are two sections that are dedicated to the senior people and kids and also for handicapped tourists. It is good to fix your transportation after discussing with the travel operator and if you plan to stay near the destination, focusing on the rates of a few hotels will guide you towards a decision. Mutiyanu and Badaling are two of the sections for normal tourists and the rest Simatai and Jiankou are for the hikers.

Great Wall

Spending the night

For avid travelers looking forward to the enriching touring experience, staying in the hotels in the Simatai section can make the trip accomplished. You can head towards the destination at early morning and avoid a crowd. Moreover, it can take about a couple of hours to reach the Great Wall so you can reduce the strain and make your experience special when you decide to stay in this destination. For Great Wall tour in Beijing, you can decide the schedule after discussing with your travel operator. If you are one to engage in hiking, know what you need to carry and the level of fitness that is recommended for the climb.

Great Wall

Option of camping

Although camping is not something you can enjoy at the popular tourist sections of the Wall, you can enjoy it at Jiankou. However, you may have to carry the supplies to combat with nature at the wilder section. You have to carry the tents and the rest of the materials as well while following the strenuous path but the legendary destination and its vastness or beauty will wash away much of the strain you experience.

Great Wall

Traveling to the wall

You can take your local guide to travel to the Great Wall when you arrive at the spot from Beijing. When it comes to the availability of food, you can try the local dishes at this destination and walk to begin your journey to complete the mesmerizing trip.

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