5 Reasons to Visit America’s National Parks This Summer


“Keep close to nature's heart and break clear away once in a while, and climb a mountain, or spend a week in the woods, wash your soul clean” -John Muir

As John Muir believed, there are few things more valuable and soul-cleansing than time spent in nature. As Americans today, we spend most of our spare time in doors watching tv or consumed by social networking. What most people tend to misunderstand is the vitality of spending time in nature and breaking away from our normal daily activities. America's national parks are filled with beauty, adventure, and activities for anyone and everyone. The diversity of the national parks, from Yosemite to the Everglades, is nothing short of fascinating.

Experiencing the beauty of our national parks has the potential to shift your perspective and renew your spirit. Here are 5 reasons why visiting the national parks this summer will a great use of your time:

  1. It Will Make You Happier. Spending at least 15 minutes in nature everyday is proven to increase serotonin levels in your brain, making you more relaxed, and happier. Just a short walk outside can allow your mind to become more at ease and increase your ability to think clearly. Not to mention the astounding views, and beautiful hiking trails that will take your breath away with every step.
  2. You'll Learn Something New. Experiencing the natural wonders of the United States through the national parks will give you an opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge. From the history of the National Park Service to the various natural resources thriving in each of these parks, there is much to learn from the nature that surrounds us. The diversity of biological and environmental knowledge that can be learned from these destinations is unlimited.
  3. The Wildlife Viewing. Have you ever seen a herd of Bison grazing in a valley at Yellowstone National Park or a nine foot gator lurking in the creeks of the Everglades? Wildlife watching is one of the most spectacular parts of visiting the national parks. From Grizzly Bears in Montana to Atlantic Orcas in Maine, the diversity of wildlife in America's national parks is absolutely breathtaking.
  4. You'll Do Something You've Never Done Before. Chances are that during your trip to America's national parks that you'll have the opportunity to enjoy various outdoor activities or sights that you've never been exposed to before. From natural hot springs, kayaking or canoeing adventures, to hiking trails with glacial lakes or 100 feet waterfalls. The opportunities of new experiences are unlimited.
  5. You Can Make a Difference. While visiting the national parks, there are many opportunities to volunteer your time or expertise to help conserve the beauty and vitality our parks. There are simple ways to help like following proper “carry it in, carry it out” protocol or picking up stray trash. There are more ways to help by offering your services and time by volunteering to share park initiatives or contribute your expertise to the National Park Service.

There are many more reasons why visiting America's national parks will be the experience of a lifetime, as well as an eye-opening way to spend your time this summer. Make the trip, find your way into the natural wonders of America's national parks. You may come back with a new perspective, renewed for returning to your daily activities.

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