What to Expect When You Hire a Scuba Diving Service Provider in Malta?

scuba diving in malta for beginners

Scuba diving in Malta is one of the most popular adventure sports of the last decade. This sport has witnessed a steady increase in the number of people trying it out. The ultimate dream for every swimming lover is to try scuba diving. And when you are in Malta, you should try it out. The beaches are beautiful, the ocean is alluring, and the scuba diving Malta experience is of a different level.

scuba diving in malta reviews

Once you try it out, you will not forget it easily. The crystal clear blue water and the warmth all around are sure to make you fall in love with the place.

Scuba diving in Malta is once in a lifetime experience.

When you dive into the ocean and go deep down, you will get a first-hand experience of life underwater. The beautiful corals, the different types of fishes, and the beauty all around are enthralling. Many service providers in Malta organize scuba diving Malta. You can contact any one of them for your scuba diving.

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What to expect when you hire a scuba diving service provider?

  • They will provide you with the scuba diving dress and equipment – from the oxygen mask to the gear you will wear.
  • They will provide scuba diving instructors who will assist and guide you during the expedition. The instructor will accompany you when you dive underwater, so you don’t get scared or tense. They will navigate the trip for you.
  • Before diving, the instructors will give you a cash course on how to dive. They will teach you the different signs and symbols of communicating underwater. Since you will be wearing the oxygen mask, you will not be able to talk freely. Whenever you communicate and whatever you communicate, you have to do it through sign language.
  • Many service providers offer courses on scuba diving in Malta. You can train under them and complete the scuba diving course. There are different types of classes – from beginners to advanced level. You can get enrolled in any one of them. On completion of the course, you will receive a certificate as well. And once you become a certified scuba diver, you can become an instructor.

scuba diving in malta for beginners

If you have not tried scuba diving in Malta yet, you should try it out without delay. You are sure going to love it completely.

Two Vital Things to Know Before You Opt for Scuba Diving in Malta

Before you try out diving Malta, you should keep two vital things in mind.

Firstly, you should be fit and active. We are not saying that you should have an 8-pack body and all. But you need to be fit. Many of us are unfit and cannot carry out daily household chores because we are overweight.

When you put on weight, breathing underwater becomes difficult even though you have an oxygen tank with you. Chances are you will uneasy. An unfit body will not be able to bear the weight of the scuba diving gear and the oxygen tank for long. You will get fatigued easily. To ensure that this does not happen with you and that you can enjoy your diving expedition, we suggest you try meditation and breathing exercises for at least one month before your dive. There is no need to get enrolled in a gym; you can opt for common exercises like walking, jumping, running, cycling, and swimming to improve your stamina and strength.

scuba diving in malta

The second thing that you need to concentrate on is what to eat before and after you go for your dive. Research shows that you should not eat too much before you go for the dive because you might feel nauseous when you are underwater. It is better to have a light meal like some fresh fruits or fruit juice at the most.

Once you are back from the dive, you need to get back your energy. And that is the time when you have a proper meal. Why don’t you ask your instructor to share a diet chart that you need to follow? This will help you lose weight before the dive and know exactly what to eat and avoid so that you enjoy your dive thoroughly.

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