6 Activities To Do And Where To Stay in Bay Area Houston

The Nightlife in Bay Area Houston 5

The state of Texas is a large and wonderful place full of various destinations to visit. It is not uncommon for residents to play tourist and embark on small adventures by taking a day or weekend trip to other cities and towns. These small trips or mini vacations can be just what you and your family needs to recharge and connect. A fun place to visit and stay is bay area Houston. Here is what I learned about to do and where to stay in this area.

The Nightlife in Bay Area Houston 3

1. Kemah Boardwalk

The Kemah Boardwalk is a great place to take your family or to go on a romantic stroll with your significant other. Open daily, this location is filled with amusements rides such as the stingray reef and boardwalk beast and draws locals and tourists all the same. You can catch live music or make dinner reservations Oceanside.

2. Restaurants

If enjoying a delicious and romantic dinner with your loved one is up your alley, the Bay Side has many different styles of restaurants to enjoy. There are pubs, steak houses, and plenty of ethnic choices as well. Relax with wine of craft cocktails and enjoy the scenic views. Whether its walking on the piers of Clear Lake Park or walking up and down the boardwalk, there are plenty of options for a relaxed evening.

The Nightlife in Bay Area Houston 5

3. Escape Kemah

Escape Kemah is a puzzle room escape game requiring, team cooperation, problem solving skills, critical thinking, and the ability to stay cool. Couples and families will have to learn to stay focused and stay sharp as they attempt to solve the puzzles in each room before the timer runs out. These exciting games are fun for the whole family and can be a fun, if not unique date night experience as well.

4. Space Center

For those who love science in your life, taking a trip to the Houston Space Center is a wonderful option. Not only is it close to many other attractions, it is always available for those who love to learn about space exploration. No visit is every the same, as many different exhibitions and events are featured weekly and monthly. This is a perfect option for a rainy day or when the weather is exceptionally hot.

5. Clear Lake Park

Are you camping or staying in a bed and breakfast nearby? Clear Lake Park, a 60-acre park with access to sports fields, picnic spots, playgrounds, and boardwalks for jogging, fishing, and boating is a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy nature. Wake up with a morning jog or wind the evening down with a stroll and enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean backdrop.

Clear Lake Park
Clear Lake Park

6. Seabrook

With over 10 miles of various trails the Seabrook trails is great for those who enjoy the outdoors, in particular hiking and biking. Perfect during the Fall and Spring, the trails provide access to many varieties of wildlife.

Use these tips to help you plan your Texas adventure.Trails

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