7 Greatest Benefits Of River Cruising


Many travellers are swapping open sea holiday cruises for intimate riversescape holidays. River cruises offer three amazing advantages to vacationers – leisure, luxury and landscapes – that soothe the eye as well as the soul.

Here are some great benefits river cruising gives you that no other holiday does.


When you are traveling from city to city, you typically spend a lot of time packing and unpacking as you move between hotels. On the other hand, river cruises allow you to bereally comfortable. Unpack once and let your stuff stay close to you inyour cabin.


While your stuff stays put in one place, you don't. River cruises allow you to visit various ports along the way.

The river cruise's ability to wake you up every day in a new city is unparalleled. You stop at each port and explore the cities. While you keep ticking off things on your bucket-list, your cruise will prepare for a new destination. The best European river cruises take you to


River cruise ships are like 'floating hotels' and you can see why once you are aboard. You can choose from different types of accommodation including 4- and 5-star rooms and suites. You get an amazing view from your cabin as you watch landscapes change and cities pass by. A stateroom can give you a taste of ultimate European grandeur.

Most river cruises are a week long although there are other options.



The world has grown on riverbanks and it is easy to see why once you are on board a river cruise. Water is the ultimate source of sustenance for humans and has served as a great civilization magnet.

River cruises take place during the warmer months, perfect for on-land excursions. Depending on your cruise itinerary, you can explore several ports by yourself or on a guided tour. Get a tour of an ancient castle in one city or shop at an exotic market in another.


While on board, you have the luxury of gourmet dining, you can explore local cuisines in different cities you explore at ports.


Compares to an ocean cruise, river cruises have smaller number of passengers. That makes you feel like you are home and not on a hotel. Many first-time cruisers are pleasantly surprised by the level of service they receive on board.

Modern, larger cruise ships are offer you a wide range of amenities too, such as fitness centers, spas, bars and pools.


Cruise holidays are more affordable than ever. They are more budget friendly than any other holiday. Many cruises offer complimentary meals and beverages. Some also offer packages for airport transfers, gratuities and even on-shore tours giving you complete value for your money.

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