The Omo Vale Could be a Melting Pot of Cultures

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Ethiopia encounters more than 80 ethnic tribe groups. The Omo vale could be a melting pot of cultures that have tried to stay untouched their traditions for generations up to our days. In addition, it’s home to thick life as a part of the good vale scenery. Starting in Arba Minch with a ship trip on the Lake Chamo encircled by artiodactyl mammal and crocodiles, this unforgettable tour will take you to different tribes such as the Dorze, illustrious for his or her cotton-weaving skills and their bee-hives trying homes, the Mursi and their women with large plates in their lower lips or the Hamer, known for their goatskin outfits and therefore the “bull-jumping” recent tradition that young men attempt to accomplish if they need to urge married. You will not be indifferent to the present mosaic of distinctive cultures and ancient traditions.

Culture and trips :

Omo Vale

Omo Valley cultural trip

siting the peoples of the South Omo (cultural route) is an enriching and educational experience. Up to 2 dozen tribes inhabit the world and that we visit villages and native markets within the hope of meeting several of them. The most illustrious are the Mursi, renowned for their clay lip plates, but there are many other vivid encounters. Whilst the stress of the trip is on the folks, we also visit the Rift Valley Lakes with their beautiful scenery and fertile surroundings, and we are likely to see a good vary of mammals in Nechisar and Mago Parks.


The folks of Konso are well-known for his or her terraced agriculture and wood totems observance their ancestors.

Omo Vale Konso

Mursi Village

The Mursi village, whose women have the custom of expanding their lower lips using disks that gradually get larger and larger. These are people that farm the land and breed livestock; they sleep in virtually complete isolation from the remainder of the planet.

Mursi Village
Mursi Village women

Arba Minch

Arba Minch is one in every of the biggest city in the Southern African nation and therefore the entry to travel within the Omo vale region; all planes and vehicles come back through this active crossroads before heading further south. Arba Minch is ready on AN escarpment high the vale Lakes, Lake Abaya to the north and Lake Chamo to the south. The city’s name in Amharic virtually means that “forty springs” that are found around the town.

Arba Minch


Turmi is the central town of the Hamer people. It is the main mercantilism purpose between several of the Omo vale peoples thus markets here are notably fascinating.

Optional Bull jumping is feasible throughout harvest season within the close village. The most important event in Hamer society is the bull jumping, an initiation rite. Up to 15 bulls are lined up in a row. The initiate with the naked body has to leap on the back of the first bull, then from one bull to the next, until he reaches the end of the row. He should repeat within the wrong way, then third times.

etiopia valeo omo


Hammers have exceptional hairstyles made up of ochre, water, and a binding resin. They rub the mixture into their hair then twist the strands repeatedly to create coppery-colored locks. This is a sign of wealth and welfare. Hammers are thought of to be masters of body decoration.

Hammer woman Hammer children Hammer hair Ethiopia Hammer kid


The Karo adorn their bodies with completely different paintings, done for dance, feast, or celebration. Yellow mineral rock, black charcoal, and powdered red ore are historically used for body painting. They use bid biros, nails, candy wrappers, and cartridges for body decoration.

Karo people


Omorate lies on the Japanese bank of the Omo watercourse and is nearly altogether isolated from the remainder of the African nation.



The Dorze folks, UN agency live high within the mountains, ar illustrious for his or her beehive-shaped bamboo homes. They use ingenious terracing and have a singular ancient life vogue with their colorful weaving merchandise.



After crossing the Omo River we encounter the Dasenech people. The main attraction is their Villages on the outskirts of the town. The Dasenech are also known as Galeb or Reshiat they were forced out of there homeland in a region called Nyupe, to the west of Turkana, by the expansionist wars of Turkana in the 18th century. They currently cowl an outsized territory of the western banks of the Omo all the manner south to Lake Turkana.


Rift Valley

The vale could be a deep fission that extends for over half-dozen,000 km from the Middle East to Mozambique – testimony to the (most recent) violent and massive shifting of the earth’s tectonic plates.

The rift contains a fabulous series of lakes, which are teeming with fish and provide a habitat for hundreds of species of birds.

Rift Valley

Lake Awassa/Hawassa

Lake Awassa that’s set in a very fissure, Awassa Lake is the smallest in the Ethiopian Rift Valley. Here, we may view hippos, grivet monkeys, and colobus monkeys with their wonderful white faces encircled by deep ebony crowns.

Birdwatchers can particularly relish such craniate wonders because of the silvery-cheeked coraciiform bird, black-winged lovebird, and Abyssinian black-headed oriole. The city of Awassa with its numerous ethnic combine are particularly pleasant as we tend to practice the daily market wherever colorful villagers hash out for fish.

Awassa Places to visit in Awassa, Ethiopia

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