Admiring Dubai Views From Your Sports Yacht Deck

Already popular as the superyacht center of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is undoubtedly becoming one of the most popular luxury yacht destinations in the world. It is a destination that absolutely embraces the ‘wow’ factor and the place where you will find the world’s tallest building, the largest man-made islands, the richest horse race, the biggest shopping festival as well as the most luxurious hotel.

Admired with one of the most iconic skylines in the world, people who are cruising using a sport cruiser along the Dubai coastline are presented exceptional views of both contemporary and archaic infrastructures. There can be no better place to take the orange skies and watch the sunset than onboard a luxurious sports yacht or superyacht. The following are the top places to visit cruising on a luxury yacht:

Sports Yacht

Burj Al Arab – beautifully designed like the sail of an Arabian Vessel called Dhow, this Dubai’s jewel is the only 7-star hotel in the world and ranked at number three in the list of tallest hotel buildings in the world with 28 double story floors. Exploring this iconic symbol of Dubai using a luxury sport yacht is something you do not want to miss. The hotel’s amazing design and spectacular architecture will take your break away.

Palm Jumeirah – Visiting the Palm Jumeirah on-boarding a luxury yacht will have the exclusive opportunity to discover the beauty of this man-made island like never before. Enter into the 8th world, passing close by the magnificent beach properties.

Atlantis the Palm – Cruise by this spectacular island, and gaze up at the Atlantis the Palm, a luxurious hotel rising from its outer fringes. The Atlantis Resort is located at the ‘top of the palm tree’ and overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

With its glamour and sophistication, along with a number of luxurious, world-class resorts and restaurants, Dubai is definitely a preferred luxury yacht destination for people who love to explore. Cruiser boats for sale are in high demand in order to visit this amazing place.

Oryx Sport Yachts and Cruisers was established in 2005 by the UAE’s leading award-winning luxury yacht manufacturer, Gulf Craft. They are being recognized by the yachting industry globally, setting the industry benchmarks and standards make them pioneers in yacht manufacturing. Their experience and specialist knowledge enable them to anticipate and cater for the particular needs of their clients.

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