All-Inclusive Mediterranean Honeymoon Vacation Charters in This Valentine

There is probably nothing more romantic than getting married and going on honeymoon around Valentine's Day. The combination of the love that the holiday generates and the joy of a wedding makes for an amazing event. But there is one finishing touch to the event to make it perfect – an all-inclusive Mediterranean honeymoon vacation spent on a luxury motor yacht for charter. So if you want this perfect combination, what locations can you visit?

Greece and the islands

Few places in the world have more history than Greece and its many islands and visiting the country offers the perfect balance of gorgeous scenery, historic locations and beautiful places to spend your time. There are over 6,000 islands across the Greek archipelago and visiting them with a yacht is the perfect way to see both the popular spots and those hidden locations that only locals know about.

Luxury yacht charter Greece

The Cyclades are one of the most popular locations and are ideal for a honeymoon. The nightlife in locations such as Mykonos, Ios and Naxos are famous in their own right while the ability to visit here with a motor yacht means you can tour from one spot to another. For beach fans, islands such as Corfu and Lefkada on the Ionian Sea are ideal for a relaxing day in the sun while you can include a visit to the home of Odysseus, the island of Ithaca.


Croatia is making a name for itself in recent times as a hot vacation spot and is ideal to visit with a luxury motor yacht for charter. The coast includes hundreds of islands of differing sizes and also plenty of coastal cities where you can combine a day on the beach with fine dining on the evening.

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and at the heart of Dalmatian region. It has an old town dating from Roman times that sits on a sheltered harbour while to the south areseveral islands to visit. To further contrast, there is a wooded mountain park to the west of the peninsula the city is found on that means you can experience a touch of the Croatian countryside without travelling far from the coast.

Hvar is a south-western coastal port on an island of the same name and is one of the sunniest spots in the area – it averages over 2700 hours a year so even visiting in February means you have a good chance of seeing some sunlight. It also offers that winning blend of tourist spot with great history and plenty of recreational activities including sports for a change of pace.


Turkey is another country with a host of islands, gulfs and bays that means there are many places to visit along the Mediterranean. The most popular area for visits is from Izmir to Antalya and includes spots such as Marmaris and Bodrum. This is a great stretch to enjoy the turquoise waters along the coast while enjoying the warm climate and soft winds that make Turkey a great place to visit at any time of the year.

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