All The Wondrous Journey to Penang

All started when my family and I decided to take a short weekend getaway: a tasty trip to Penang was then the conclusion of our debate. Rather than driving two vehicles, we decided to bus pool with other passengers for 9 persons while we can save up plentiful of petrol and having good relaxing time together (5 hours driving to Penang? Blurggh, not for me at least).

However we didn’t know until we were suggested that we could do our bus tickets booking online at, An amazing convenience that as if we were booking for flight; all the detailed but simple procedures had already got us tickets for our trip and it was truly impressive for such technology advancement!


It was like picnic in the bus, the kids were so excited with the preparation like we were going to seaside (poor these urban kids, they probably will never know how real picnic feels like), and indeed, good time chatting and snacking in the bus during the travel with family brought us together again. What made real difference was, none of us have to drive for hours and thanks to the law enforcement. Unknown to most of us, there were some hawkers selling weird but tasty foods in the highway rest stations, they were truly amazing!

I must have dozed off during the bus travel but it seemed like just took our seconds to reach Seberang Perai! Until we reach the grand fascinating Penang bridge, we were amazed how wondrous was the landscape of the sea connected to the vast blue sky. Thanks to the cooperation of the weather, the view was clear as if we could see the edge of world; the kids screamed in the excitement, for the first time they had such astonishing view in their life.

Until we reached the hotel, we went all the way for tasty food hunting as recommended by most of the TV shows and bloggers (curse the yummy local foods, my tummy grew into larger size!). By the evening, we went to some grand temples that filled with countless lights and people, the kids couldn’t behave themselves as if numerous of carnivals were held; and my nanny was astounded first time in her life by the night filled with those lights as it was brighter than the stars of galaxy, so did we.. We wished for the night will never end.

We went to purchase some local snacks during the next day, some friendly hawkers seemed to remember us and we got all the warmths like we were neighbours. Till the evening we were crossing the Penang Bridge: the burning sky of scarlet, the numerous colorful lights of Penang Bridge and the painted velvety sea are all that we couldn’t forget. Once again we wished for the clock will stop ticking but all we could do was to take countless number of pictures in the bus. Now, I would suggest to all friends that taking a bus ride to Penang are unlike the past, if you’re doubt about it, check!

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