An Exclusive Opportunity to Enjoy Skiing in Bansko



Bansko in Bulgaria is perfect for various outdoor adventures such as hiking, horse riding, climbing and rafting. The higher altitudes are however, boast the best skiing scenario which is all inspiring for many to apply for Bulgaria citizenship.

Bansko; undoubtedly is the best skiing resort in all Bulgaria and home of the World Skiing Cup. The small city is where you can have the true experience of winter vacation and fun skiing. The high and mighty altitude contributes greatly to longer skiing season and certain challenges even to veteran skiers.

There're dozens of warm and cosy hotels spread all over to choose from whereas real estate in Bansko is relatively cheaper that offers the best opportunity for ownership of a home; perhaps the best thing to do with a Bulgaria citizenship.

In case you're planning a trip, information can be easily accessed at the local airport, hotels, restaurants, rent-a-car franchises so don't hesitate asking to make the most of the trip!

The terrain & network

Skiers and boarders would definitely enjoy various mountain adventures from uncovered chairs, draglifts to skiing. Between the months of December and March when snow is plentiful, time to gear up with complete skiing gear and climb all the way to the icy-capped mountains.

The terrain is best for intermediate and experienced skiers but not beginners. They can slide among the blue and red runs ranging from narrow and challenging to spacious. Ski Road is approximately 14 kilometres from the summit to the town providing excellent leg workout.

If you're new to the place, better approach the place before evening as it gets choked by homebound skiers when all the rides are occupied and the skiing track itself is trafficked.

Bansko today is deemed the largest resort in Bulgaria attracting tourists from all over the world especially Turkey, Greece, Russia, the UK and Romania. You can easily commute to the place with a valid Bulgaria citizenship and enjoy a hassle-free stay for as long as you like!

Accessing gondolas during peak hours was once impossible however; the bottleneck has been resolved allowing tourists to move smoothly and relieve pressure. The uncovered chairs may be troublesome especially when winds are high, exposing skiers to inescapable cold.

Culinary experience

Enthusiastic hikers and skiers however get to enjoy premium quality food and entertainment on the icy slopes of Bansko. Cost is the best feature which is lower as compared to many other destinations namely France, Austria and Switzerland so a little bit of waiting and hassle would definitely go a long way whereas the reward is worth it!

From snack bars to coffee houses and warm hotels where you can enjoy delicious meal; the trail up and down the skiing slopes of Bansko are known best to soothe your hunger cravings which is a reward itself after the strenuous and adventurous leg workout.

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