Reminiscing Cherokee Super 8 Motel


Cherokee Super 8 motels is one -stop motel, to spend some quality times and make each moment of your special trip or vacation memorable for lifetime. We care you with all our heart.

The combination of modernity and traditional concept of chain hotels with the friendly co-ordination, beneficial services and well communication with every single guest is what we are offering. We shower you with the comfort and compassion. We present you all in a happy world with a sphere of peace. We frequently make you love to your life and give the freedom to live it the way you love to. Your stay with us holds special meaning for us as that is the invaluable moment when we and you share all we and you have in laughter.

We in an accessible and center location, enjoys the well – managed cleanness and neatness. We have well designed our facility and services which will release our guests from the various difficulties they have to deal in many other motels. We are intended to make your stay lively and refreshing. The facilities and norms are presented with a different concept, but still benefits and add the pleasure to you. We fill everyone's soul with harmony and rejoice.

WeMotels in Cherokee will impress all of you the moment you stepped inside our ground by our wonderful hospitality, highly qualified, experienced and loyal resource personnel and by our influential owner. After the registrations over, the refreshing and relieving stay begins. You will get to experience a new surrounding yet familiar to heart because the surrounding blows out all of the discomfort and awkwardness. Your heart will be full of fun and satisfaction and will get some wonderful friends and lifetime memories during your stay with us. Care, laughter and joy is a matter of our pride and glory. This is boosted by the best admirable facilities and services. Therefore, this is our divine tradition and provision to value your precious money and time.

You will hardly have anything to worry about in Motel in Iowa. All is peaceful and resourceful. You are going to enjoy each and every moment of your stay. Clean room, comfy bed, big parking area and the best part is you can cook your breakfast by yourself. You individual or with group will be overjoyed. We would definitely make a better day for you. Our lovely environment will give you a priceless time spending. And to add that we have experienced ourselves that we have the power to alter your bad mood into refreshment.

Overall, we are one of the most significant and exemplary hotel facility, service and hospitality providers. We along with you can create the most reminiscing moment for all of us. The faces that are once light with wide, bright smiles during the stay with us is definitely going to be darkened by the fact that soon or late the separation is sure. As your stay ends, the only thing and the everything you and we are left with are the precious memories of your stay that both you and we will always remember

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