Family Friendly Ski Hotel With a Restaurant


Livigno is one of the most active and fun filled areas in all of Italy. The town is situated in the boarder of the Italian Alps and is home to many famous Italy ski resorts. There are many ski resorts to choose from and the best one in Livigno if you are going to have a good time which is luxurious and fun filled is the Charme Hotel Alexander. The hotel offers a luxurious stay in a scenic hotel which captures the landscapes of the Italian Alps. This Italy ski resort will be fun filled even though it is winter or summer.

During the winter the ski resorts offer the guest the ability ski as the mind pleases them since it is situated close to the ski lift of Teola. The town offers a ski slope of 110km and will be filled with ski lifts, gondolas, chairlifts and anchor lifts. There are many snow related activities like snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, sledging, snow mobile driving, paragliding, Nordic walking and driving on ice. These activities are available and can be easily accessed while staying at a family friendly ski hotel.

During the summer time the Livigno town is an area which is used to be one with nature. There are many fun filled activities that the whole family can enjoy like hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing or golfing. There are known routes and paths that the hiker who are inexperienced can take that will lead them to different parts of the forest in which they will see many wildlife and breathtaking sceneries. There is also paths for those who are really into hiking which will lead to waterfalls, springs, lakes, river and glaciers while seeing wildlife such as deer, ibex, marmots and eagles. The nature around the town is un-spoilt and is a sight for sore eyes.

The most enthusiastic and fun filled activity that you will be able to do in Livigno is eating at its many restaurants. The town is famous for making the best food in Italy and the valley named Valtellina is famous for its wineries and artisanal products. You will be able to enjoy homemade and taste foods while visiting vineyards, wineries, farms and restaurants that are most special for the locally grown or made cheese, apples, bresaola and honey. There are many tasty treats a that will not only include wine or the above food. The town also offers salami, cold pork meat, Val Gerola, Val Albarendo, homemade bucket wheat and many different food products from potatoes.The secret behind these tasty food is the Valtellina valley which is rich with minerals and highly fertilized soil which is suitable for agriculture.The nightlife of Livigno is the most fun filled part even though it is the winter or summer. All the restaurants are open and there will be a lot of street lights which will light up the area. You will be able to enjoy a romantic night or a fun filled family night when you are at Livigno.

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