Are Private Jets Only For The Wealthy or Royalty?

The idea of flying in a private jet may draw images of the elite upper class, enjoying the travel luxuries as they cruise in comfort to a remote destination. While this type of lifestyle is a reality for some, you do not necessarily have to be wealthy or famous to experience private air charter service. Today, the private air charter industry is rapidly growing, which makes this type of travel more accessible to the public. By better understanding the mechanics of this industry, you may find that you can also enjoy this in-demand form of air travel.

Who flies on private jets?

Private Jets

It is no secret that celebrities and business tycoons like to use jets. The majority however of private jet customers are corporate professionals who use the service as a productive way to conduct their business. More than half of private flights flown around the globe are for business purposes. This is due to the flexibility, privacy and convenience that private flights offer when compared to commercial flights, such as exponentially shorter travel times, more destination airports to choose for your arrival. The business aviation industry in continually growing with more and more businessmen and women choosing private jet charters.

Flying private on a budget

To charter private jet by yourself might not be in your budget. However, the cost of chartering a flight is for the whole aircraft, not just for your seat.

A practical and proven way to enjoy the comforts of flying private without draining your bank account is to share the cost with other business colleagues within your company, or if it’s for personal travel, then family members or friends. Chartering an aircraft for special occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays and family reunions is very popular. The valuable time together with loved ones and the saved time getting to and from the destination are priceless. When you divide the cost, you will be flying with people you already know, so you are not forced to make small talk in a crowded commercial flight seat with a stranger who takes up more than his/her fair share of the armrest.

Furthermore, when you charter a flight, you meet the plane at an FBO (fixed based operation), instead of a big international airport. At FBO, staff members happily take care of your bags. You can check in right away and do not have to endure the lengthy security protocols.

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