Bandhavgarh National Park – Tourist Attractions And What to Do

Bandhavgarh National Park is truly a wildlife lover's delight. Here, you can plan your holidays just away to be amidst the dense meadows and wildlife. Tiger Safari Bandhavgarh national park promises a lot of thrills to you and you can lose yourself in the canopy of the tiger reserve. For all the above reasons, national park is witnessing a lot of fanfare. Tourists visit national park with a hope to witness the white tigers. On a Bandhavgarh Tour, you might get a sight to behold if you are lucky enough. Along with these big cats, the 450 sq. km jungle houses Nilgai, leopards, jackals, wild boars, sambars, guars, porcupines and a lot of avian species. You may get a chance to witness a lot of animals at once.

If you want to see more than forests and wildlife on your holiday trip, it has the ruins of ancient fort located atop the hills of Vindhyan mountain ranges to seek your interest. The hike to the mountain will fill your soul with breathtaking scenery. The trip to Bandhavgarh will definitely leave you astonished.

Tourist Attractions

Bandhavgarh Fort

Bandhavgarh Fort is known to be one of the oldest forts in the country and it is believed to be around 2000 years old. This majestic fort is positioned in the heart of jungle and is a best place for trekking. From there, the view is truly amazing. To visit the fort, you need to seek prior permission from the authorities. No trip is complete without visiting the fort. Along with rich cultural history, you may definitely get close to wildlife.

Ancient Caves of Bandhavgarh

In this national park, there are around 39 caves which dated back to 1st century AD. Most of these caves are known to have Brahmi literature inscriptions and drawings of animals and various figures showcasing primitive life. Badi Gufa is the biggest cave here which is built in 10th century AD. It is a very spacious cave and visible from the fort.


This portion of the national park is known to be a bird watcher's paradise. This marshy region is located in the northeast of park. One can spot hundreds of birds with cameras and binoculars.

Sita Mandap

It has a rock resembles a bridge and is named after Sita, a famous tigress. It also has mythological tales of Ramayana behind its presence and it is known to be the wedding ground of Sita, Lord Rama's wife.

Mahaman Pond

It is a resting place for a lot of animals and ideal location for sightings.


To escape from your daily hustles and bustles, you may spot the wildlife in Bandhavgarh National Parkk in two different ways – elephant safari and jeep safari. You may take jeep safari from early morning till the evening and you may also hire a forest department guide. For tiger safari, timings vary as per the time of the year. You may book the safari around 90 days in advance as safaris are overbooked in peak seasons.

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