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Explore the Best Beaches of Costa Brava

Costa Brava is acclaimed for rugged coast and houses some of the spectacular beaches. If you love beaches and nature, this beautiful coastal region provides a fantastic opportunity to experience the phenomenal views of nature. A Cheap Holidays to Costa Brava trip will take you pretty close to the breathtaking beaches. Here is the list of top beaches that reveal hidden gems of the Costa Brava.

Sant Pol de Mar

This hidden gem of the Costa Brava is a perfect beauty. Its unique picturesque landscape comprises shallow waters and dune, making it an impeccable place to explore. Families and Children will definitely love this one-kilometer long beach. It offers a range of facilities on beach and safe for water sports. The beach resort harbors windsurfing, and sailing, kayaking in the perfect climate. A Low Deposit Holidays to Costa Brava would ensure memorable getaway with your complete family.

Cala Sant Francesc, Blanes

A fishing village converted to the popular beach resort is perfect with sandy beaches and rocky coves. Its natural beauty will hold your interest for a long time. Cala Sent Francesc is scenic with crystal clear waters and completely permeated by pine trees. The beach destination provides the most amazing facilities with lifeguards, sun beds and Pedalos. It is the perfect place for families and safe to indulge in all the activities. A pleasure trip with Low Cost Holidays to Costa Brava provides all the comforts needed for a holiday.

Cala San Roque, Calella de Palafrugell

Calella De Palafrugell is the home to wonderful beaches, its urban cove is impeccable for your complete holiday. The cove Sant Roc or Els Canyers provides a perfect opportunity for snorkeling. The destination offers most exceptional views. This stunning beauty is the must-visit site and worth exploring on a Cheap Holidays to Costa Brava trip.

Tamariu, Costa Brava

This unspoilt beach of Costa Brava has crystal clear waters and provides most amazing facilities. The beach permeated by trees provides a fantastic opportunity with diving, sailing and plenty of activities. It is easily accessible, as it takes just an hour to reach the beach from the historical town of Girona.

There are plenty of hidden treasures in Costa Brava worth exploring on a Cheap Holidays. To avail cheap flights and accommodation.

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