Homestays Are Preferred Place For Comfort With a Homely Environment

Staying at these destinations is not a problem! Travellers can stay at lodges that are graded according to the style of the guests. They can experience the luxury of the hotels, the serenity of the resorts or can explore the homely environment and love, of the local host family, found while staying at the homestays in India.

Homestays in India are preferred accommodations for the travellers who love to be a part of Nature or have the inquisitiveness to explore the tradition and cultural importance of the place. They deliver a different experience to its customers while helping the hosts with monetary gain. These lodgings are fast expanding in all the destinations of India. They have found popularity across hill stations of North India and South India, at the sandy seaside destinations providing a unique experience to the modern travellers. Some of the popular destinations where people can enjoy staying in a homestay are Jaipur, Shimla, Manali, Nainital, Kerala, Coorg, Ooty, etc.

The State of Uttarakhand in North India has many spectacular hilly destinations that are the traveller's choice. Hill, valleys, vast expanses of greenery, colourful carpets of lovely flowers, hordes of the colourful plumage of avian, etc., are reasons to trap the travellers to this beautiful Himalayan State.

Bungalows dating back to the colonial era, villas, and ancestral homes of the locals, that are situated in the interior or remote regions, are converted into homestays. Opting to stay at these homestays in Uttarakhand, over resorts or hotels, is a way to be a part of Nature and also an excuse to be in touch with the locals. Your privacy is guarded by the host allotting a separate villa or rooms that are accessed only by the guests. These homestays of Uttarakhand are known for their simplicity while offering the comfort of modern amenities.

The homestays of Uttarakhand are looked after by retired personnel or widows who take pains to assure that the guest is comfortable. They provide them with the best homemade delicious and fresh cuisine and the local delicacies cooked in clean kitchens. Their delicious cooking, of curries, rice, Indian bread (rotis), (at times menu for Chinese and Continental are also provided)are best enjoyed having them on the balcony, overlooking gardens with fruit trees and flowers.

The hosts allow free access to Wi-Fi, washing machine, and ironing. They guide their guests to beautiful unexplored spots, a trek through the forests or let them enjoy barbeques or camping. Great place for trekkers and bird watchers,take a restful break staying at the homestay to spend memorable time with your family. Some of the homestays are also pet-friendly where the guests can take their pets to keep you company.

Today, many homeowners are renting their properties to the travellers in search of cosy and affordable stays,enabling them to earn a reliable income source.

If you are looking for a holiday with a difference with cuisine that whiffs of the local flavours – stay at the homestays in India.

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