How To Experience Himachal Pradesh

How does it look like a perfect time in Himachal Pradesh?

If you ever feel a vacation that comes true as a memorable vacation, the Grand Himachal Tour is the way to go. Enjoy your feelings on the towering Himalayan terrain that cross abundantly with dense jungles, hiking trails and some incredible sights and sounds. There is something for everyone – whether you’re a hardened adventurous, a globetrotter driven by wanderlust, or just on a very good holiday.

Let’s draw a picture. That’s why you have to stop your pit in each of these places when exploring the breathtaking Himalayas:


The aesthetically planned capital of Himachal Pradesh and the most popular hill station in northern India was once the Himalayan summer capital of the British Raj in 1864. Today, happy holidays from all over the herd here to get rid of the daily hustle and bustle of city life. Between beautiful hills and mystical forests, Shimla attracts honeymooners and families a fascinating natural beauty. Go on a shopping street on Mall Road, visit the Lord Hanuman Temple and do not forget to jump on the cute Toy Train that connects Shimla to Kalka. Located near the hill town of Kufri, the green valley, one of the most popular attractions, is an attractive hills and rare sightings. Summer Hills and Chadwick Falls are also excellent picnic areas. Do not be afraid to set up camp here.


Get out at Bhuntar and change your bus to Kasol – for a truly enchanting time. It has long been said that the Parvati Valley has the very atmosphere to soothe a soothing soul. This beautiful enchanting valley extends to the hot springs in Manikaran and encloses in the 5000 m highs of the areas.


If you have been exceeded by the blurred of Parvati Valley, go to Manali for adrenaline adventurous sports and see all the wonderful sights here. The background is already in place – cascading waterfalls and snow-covered Himalayan peaks that are a favorite hunt for tractors. For some of the most beautiful sights of the Himalayas, take the famous, ambitious trek to the enchanting Markha Valley. The ‘tea house trek’ is often called in parachute tents in most villages. The rapids of the Beas River are ideal for the thrill of white water rafting. The absolutely beautiful Rohtang Pass greets you with beautiful views, just like the huge slopes of the lawn that includes Solang Valley. It is advisable to paragliding the Gulaba meadow, before moving through the sky cheerfully and driving down to the base of Solang Valley.


Dalai Lama’s home and winter capital of Himachal Pradesh in the Kangra district, Dharamshala translates to ‘rest homes for pilgrims’. One of Dharamshala’s main attractions is Triund Hill. Create a camp in Triund and prepare for a day trip in McLeodGanj’s top roads. Triund Hill offers stunning views of Dhauladhar on one side and the Kangra Valley on the other side. The valley rolls in the southern edge of the beautiful Dhauladhar mountain range in soft slopes, covered with lush green forests of pines, orchards, tea gardens and terraces. Both Kangra and Dharmasala are important tourist destinations known for their ancient temples and picturesque surroundings.

If you do not mind a detour and know what you are in the mood: high in the sky and stunning views of untouched scenic locations and beautiful landscapes from above, there is only the place in Himachal Pradesh. It turns out that the town of Billing is where you have to go to Pathankot by taxi. And see the paragliders who get the air on your winding ride to there. Paragliding at Billing has welcomed an unforgettable experience. It is surprising that every year a pre-World Paragliding event is organized at Billing. Paragliding in India has never been seen before and Bir is the most famous venue for all types of aerobics in India and worldwide. The villages Bir and Billing (14 km from Bir) are now the hub of aerospace in India. Your launch road is a green meadow at Billing (2600 m). The meadow is above the villages Bir and Chaugan. Bir is the landing ground for the paragliders taking off Billing. In October 2015, the Billing Paragliding Association (BPA) conducted the AAI Paragliding World Cup 2015 (PWC) in Bir-Billing. It was the very first event of the World Cup tour in India. The area is easily accessible by road and train. Bir-Billing is an open valley and is naturally suitable for the paragliding. Once your tummy settles, sit back and savour the birds-eye view of Kangra valley and the Dhauladhar mountain range.


India’s Switzerland. This unmistakably picturesque dish-shaped plateau is surrounded by dense pine and thick forests of deodar along the edges of the beautiful Khajjiar glade (1085 m). Horse riding and zorbing are two very nice things to do here. When you are out of sight, take the time to enter a temple dedicated to Khajji Nag. See here serpent idols, as it is a 12th century century temple dedicated to Naga, the Lord of Snakes. Inside the temple, life size is wooden images of the five Pandav brothers.


Dalhousie is located between the green pines and oaks in Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh. It is an unspoiled hill town, described by lush green mountains, glittering rivers, a cool mountain breeze and colonial architecture. Dalhousie has retained its natural beauty and is characterized by an old world charm. What Dallhousie has to offer is its scenic beauty and beautiful tourist attractions. The most famous are Panch Pulla, Satdhara Falls and the Dainkund Peak, where the 3 rivers Chenab, Ravi and Beas are visibly weaved by various forests. Another popular place is the Karelanu area. It is known for its precious water, known to heal Subhas Chandra Bose while suffering from tuberculosis.

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