How To Get To The Mui Ne Sand Dunes?

balloon ride vietnam

Are you planning your next adventure with your friends to Vietnam? After countless arguments with your group of friends finally, all of you have decided to choose this beautiful country as your travel destination. After making the decision, you have gone through a lot of blogs and article to gather information. This country is gorgeous being surrounded by rice paddies and other dramatic landscapes.

Try something different

balloon ride vietnam

You will be pleasantly surprised once you land in this part of Southeast Asia because you will encounter numerous wonderful things all along the trip. If you want to get to the various provinces of this nation, then you can use the usual modes of transport such as airplanes and trains. However, you may want to try something new this time. You have heard about the hot air balloon rides. If you are wondering about how to get to Mui Ne, then go in for a hot air balloon ride. You can opt for online bookings.

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Glide in comfort

Travel through the driest part of the nation by flying over the dunes. You not only want to see the white dunes but you want to catch a glimpse of the lakes and swamps too in the desert. Read up the travel guides to obtain information about how to get to Mui Ne and avail of the opportunity to explore in a balloon. Choose an experienced tour operator who has adequate experience in the field of ballooning. A professional pilot will steer away towards the interior away from the sea if he finds that the winds have begun to bother him.

Sense of freedom

You will be able to gaze at the nearby mountains, numerous paddy fields, and ranches with animals peacefully grazing and a lot more. The same views will appear a lot different when viewed from above. You will experience an ethereal feeling as you find the wind ruffling against your face. Far away removed from the humdrum of urban life you will gain an insight into the dramatic landscape, and you are bound to feel thrilled at the end of the journey.

balloon ride vietnam

You may not have tried a balloon ride before. You are feeling overwhelmed at the mere mention of gliding in the air. However, the members of your group have somehow convinced you. If you are sitting in fear and trepidation about trying something unknown, then do not panic. Compared to a ride on the airplane or a boat a balloon ride is much smoother. There are no bumpy rides, and you will not feel nauseated or tend to vomit even if you have suffered from bouts of seasickness before.

Decide carefully

Do a detailed study on the net to find out information about operators of hot air balloons. Do not choose a company by the price factor alone. It is a wise idea not to compromise on the quality of services. Make a booking with one of the tour operators who is known for their reliable services and have the safety of the passengers as the priority.

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