Make Your Winter Escape in Lapland a Memorable Experience

Here are 5 things that’ll make your winter escape in Lapland a memorable experience:

The Northern Lights:


One of the most remarkable shows offered by nature, the Northern Lights can be witnessed in Lapland between January and April. Sadly, the eerie phenomenon can’t be foreseen, but when the night is crystal clear & dark, do keep your eyes wide open. The resorts of Kittila and Saariselka are 2 of the best places to see the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland.

Reindeer, husky and snowmobile safaris:

Want to enjoy the fairytale like Lappish surroundings on a sled pulled by huskies or reindeers? A winter trip to the mesmerizing land of Santa will definitely present you with the best of reindeer sleigh rides, husky safaris, and the most exciting snowmobile adventures.

Both reindeer and husky tours are standard activities in Lapland, and they’re organized quite regularly throughout the populated regions. Whether going for a brief ride or a longer outing over 10 kilometers accompanied by typical Lappish lunch & hot drinks, a reindeer safari in the land of Santa will provide you the opportunity to discover the iced up wilderness & immerse in the peculiar but fun local culture.


Santa Claus Village:

Santa’s only official home, Santa Claus Village is a must visit when you are on a Lapland holiday. Lies on the Arctic Circle, the village can be reached via a 30-minute bus drive from the city. The main highlight of the village include the Santa Claus Post Office, where kids are greeted with plenty of Christmas related stuffs, and also the official Santa Claus’ Office – the place where tourists can indeed meet Santa.

Yllas Ski Resort:

Spread across 2 villages, Yllas, the longest runs in Finland is a haven for both skiers & snowboarders. Tourist in hunt of exceptional alpine surroundings would possibly be thwarted, but those in search of top-quality snowboarding, Telemark ski, off-piste slopes, and ample sun in the snow, will be astounded by the opportunities accessible here.

Apart from winter sports, the resort also provides a reasonable selection of restaurants, bars, and accommodations, and also different entertaining activities like husky safari, horse riding, snowmobiling treks, and even winter swimming in an ice hole for the bravest tourists.



Beautifully placed on the reservoir of River Ounasjoki, Arktikum isn’t just one of Rrovaniemi’s major cultural hubs, but also the fourth best tourist attraction in Finland. The eye-catching museum showcases the culture and history of Finnish Lapland & the Arctic area, offering complete info regarding the local’s lifestyle, folklore and traditions.

With such a large variety of attractions on offer, a Lapland holiday is never going to be a dull one by any cost. Just make sure you are going with a reliable tour operator that has been working in this industry for a reasonable amount of time.

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