Re-experiencing Bollywood Parks Dubai

Are you a fan of Bollywood? Maybe you've heard of this theme park that's Dubai's newest sensation and especially so for Bollywood fans. If you're not a Bollywood fan though, you're about to become one after we unleash the secret of the beauty and excitement it has to offer in this post.

What to Expect

The park features five different zones each dedicated to a unique theme.

These include:

Bollywood Boulevard

It's entertainment galore here and it's spiced by the addition street-style food carts and shopping. There's also a live band that keeps diners entertained as they enjoy a quick bite at Rock On-the dapper restaurant.

Music and dance performances at Crossroads will take you back in time to the 60's, 70's and 80's.

At cinemagic, it's where the real magic happens as you get an insight into film making and post production. Can you really learn the art?

If you're a disciple of Bollywood you may have noticed a peculiar element in their movies and song sequences-Rains. What perfect way to give guests an insight into this magical sensation than with actual rain dances? This is all highlighted at Cinema Circle, but this time no umbrellas are required.

Mumbai Chowk

The heartbeat of Mumbai aka Bombay is brought to life here. Below is more detail.

Don:The Chase

The immersive 3D media tunnel ride will give you a sensation that you're actually a cast of a hit film released way back in 1978 and then again in 2006. Great opportunity to become a member of Interpol agents chasing Mafia boss.

Mumbai Express

Recall 'Chaiya Chaiya' the track that got everyone talking because well, Malaika Arora Khan and SRK danced atop a moving train. Reignite this obsession once more as you enjoy watching dancers taking to the rooftop to dance Bollywood style.

Royal Plaza

When we mention Royal Plaza, opulence comes to mind. Let's take a look.


The film's name is derived from the 1960 film. The chic restaurant reminds us of the Mughal era. The cuisine here is not only prepared to match that of kings and queens but the decor takes royalty to another level.

Stars on Steps

Don't we all love the energy in Bollywood songs and dances? This show gives you more than enough dose of it with dancers performing the classics.

Rajmahal Theatre

This is the iconic landmark of the park and popular for hosting Broadway style Bollywood musicals.

Rustic Ravine

Your dream of visiting India comes true in this zone where rural India in all its wonder is brought to life on the village themed landscape.

It's here that you also get to experience Bollywood blockbusters including:




The films basically inspire various rides and attractions including a simulator themed cricket game.

Bollywood Film Studios

Besides entertainment, don't forget to check out for hall of heroes right here in this zone. What more?


With a village like setting, the open air theatre showcases different forms of dances from across India e.g. Rajasthan and Gujarat. In this zone there's RA.One which is a 4D multisensory virtual ride and Krrish a 4D ride where guests enjoy panoramic views of India's landmarks.

How about a Retail Therapy?

What's a visit to Bollywood world without a memorabilia from the vast range of retail stores and stand alone carts in the park? Get park merchandise to collectibles featured in Bollywood hit movies. Some of the epic stores include:

Chalte Chalte

The convenient store at the park's entrance feature a selection of themed merchandise, not to mention stocking drinks, snacks and sundries.

Bollywood Studio Store

Here you'll find merchandise ranging from movie posters and souvenirs inspired by the movie Rock On.

Desi Emporium

Found in Bollywood Boulevard, the store features themed merchandise and souvenirs. It's also here that you also get to enjoy the classical Indian sweets right next to the store.


For the most high-end merchandise based on the one and only film Mughal-E-Azam.

Mumbai Bazaar

Located in Mumbai Chowk, the store is uniquely situated atop a BEST bus replica and has merchandise, accessories and souvenirs based on film Don.

Bollywood Haat

This is your ultimate 'Village Marketplace” at Bollywood parks-Rustic Ravine. Popular for the amazing handicrafts and souvenirs themed around Lagaan, Sholay and Dabangg.

Heroes Vault

If you've been dying to try Krrish's iconic mask, this is your chance in this store at Bollywood studios. But don't forget, get yourself some cool souvenirs ranging from photo frames, mugs, keychains and magnets with Ra.One images.

Snapshot Store

It goes without saying, get some cool photos from right here!

Helpful Tips

Bollywood park is located in Dubai Parks and Resorts

The park is open from 4PM to 12 AM

Bollywood Dubai tickets can be purchased online in advance on this not only earns you great discounts, but it's also easier, convenient and has the ticket confirmed instantly.

Arrive to the park before sunset to enjoy the park's incredible views at dusk

Consider visiting the park on weekdays over weekends to avoid huge crowds

Charge your phone/camera adequately prior to visiting the park

Rock On, a restaurant and nightclub features live performances and can be accessed free of charge.

Jaan-E-Jigar the larger than life opera experience live dance show requires a ticket on its own and one of those experiences you don't want to miss out at Raj Mahal theatre.

Some of the facilities in the park include:


First Aid Stations


Drinking fountains (how cool)



Bollywood parks is indeed the ultimate place to be for Bollywood fanatics. It's one of a kind park featuring most exciting rides, shows and attractions that bring us all closer to our beloved Bollywood films. Good news is, your visit to this magical park is a button click away

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