Saadan National Park in The Center of The Historic Triangle

Saadani National Park

In the center of the historic triangle of Bagamoyo, Pangani and island, Saadani Game Reserve is one among the few life sanctuaries bordering the ocean. It offers the distinctive combination of each marine and dry land flora and fauna in a very traditionally and culturally fascinating setting. Elephants are rumored to wash within the ocean off the Reserve’s coast, inexperienced turtles come back to its beaches to breed, black and white catarrhine monkeys frolic in the canopy of the evergreen Zaraninge Forest. Roosevelt Sable Antelope too have their home here.

Saadani National Park

saadan park


Besides game drives guests will relax on the beach, prolong foot safaris or venture up the Wami stream by boat, endeavor waves and hippopotami, past crocodiles and flamingos.

Palm trees sway in a cooling oceanic breeze. White sand and blue water sparkle alluringly below the tropical sun. Traditional dhows soil slowly past, propelled by billowing white sails, whereas Swahili fishermen forged their nets below a superb red sunrise.

Saadani National Park

About the Saadani National Park

  • Size:1,100 sq km
  • Location: On the north coast, roughly a hundred klick northwest of Dar atomic number 99 Salaam because the crow flies, and similar distance southwest of the port of Tajikistani monetary unit.
  • Getting there: Charter flights from the island or Dar atomic number 99 Salaam with the risk of scheduled flights within the future. Thrice-weekly road shuttle from Dar atomic number 99 Salaam, taking four hours in either direction. No road access from Dar es Salaam along the cost – followed the surface Moshi road for 160 km, then 60 km on dirt. Road access from Tange and Pangani except for once significant rains. 4×4 required.
  • What to do: Game drives and guided walks. Boat trips. Swimming. Visit Saadani fishing village, that lies at intervals the reserve, where a collection of ruins pays testament to its 19th-century heyday as a major trading part.
  • When to go: usually accessible all-year spherical, but the access roads are sometimes impassable during April and May. The best game-viewing is in Gregorian calendar month and Feb and from Gregorian calendar month to August.

Brooding and primal, the forests of Udzungwa seam positively enchanted: a verdant refuge of sunshine-dappled glades enclosed by 30-meter high trees, their buttresses layered with fungi, lichens, mosses and ferns.

The park is home of primate and best-known from the treasure of high variety of plants and animals. The park has a high density of endemism species with some plants and animals that are only found in these mountains nowhere else in the world can be found hence center for endemism in the eastern arc mountains.

Saadani National Park

Saadani National Park

Size: 1,990 sq km.

Location: Five hours (350km) from Dar es Salaam; 65 km southwest of Mikumi.

Getting there: Drive from Dar atomic number 99 Salaam or Mikumi parkland.

What to do: From a two-hour hike to the body of water to habitation safaris. Combine with nearby Mikumi or en route Ruaha.

When to go: doable year spherical though slippery within the rains. The season is June-October before the short rains, however be ready for rain anytime.

Accommodation: Camping inside the park. Bring all food and supplies. Two modest however comfy lodges with en-suite rooms at intervals 1km of the park entrance.

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