Sailing Travel Guide Capri For an Exciting Holiday on The Waves!

While yachting, there are certain guidelines that you simply need to follow. There are definite things you should package, some tips that should be known before sailing.

Here is a compilation of all of the essential details that you need to have in your knowledge. So, keep scrolling!

A little about Capri:

Known to the world as a classy destination, Capri is that island in Italy usually famous for 1950 s posing wearing high-priced boutiques, large sunglasses, early Roman orgies, places that are fabulous, brooding of course, yachting, and waves.

Situated in the southern section of Bay of Naples in Italy, some of the important characteristics of the place are Anacapri town, chief port Marina Grande, the Faraglioni or sea stacks, little Harbor Marina Piccola, Grotta Azzurra or Blue Grotto and much more. The size of the isle is 10 square kilometers as well as your sailing travel guide you will be given other geographic details by Capri.

While you sail through the azure waters of Capri, your yacht will take you to the most exclusive areas in and around the isle.

“Capri has the ideal combination of hedonism and renowned beauty.”

What should you carry for your trip?

For a smooth sailing holiday in Capri, you should pack these ' must in your luggage. Recheck again if you have taken all of these, if you're done with the packing.

1. What sort of bag should you take?

No! There are no mandatory rules on your form of bag, but for your ease of taking, it is better to take soft-sided bags. Generally in most Capri boat leases, the storage space is usually restricted. You can take 'not-too-hard' duffle bags but with wheeled ones, be attentive so that it doesn't damage the chartered boat.

2. Take all your travel documents carefully

For all of the tourists who are traveling outside their home country, your travel documents must be taken by you in Capri. A few significant official documents are –

  • Visa
  • Cruise tickets
  • Booking documents
  • Medical papers, etc.

3. Strict No… No to street shoes

Boats in Capri won't let you wear your road shoes while on board. Instead, you can wear clean socks, soft-soled slippers or simply just go barefoot. Yachts you charter or the Capri boat leases will have baskets or separate cupboards to deposit your street shoes.

Therefore, while packing, choose only 2 – 3 pairs, not more.


That's what you must pack in the very first place. You're probably going to take dips in the alluring waters of Capri, while on your sailing excursion. Thus, don't forget to take your bathing suits. Or you may also take something to wrap around cover ups that are -.

Before the dinner, in the event you feel like becoming freshened, it can be changed by you, or you can simply be in exactly the same dress. It's all about what you are comfortable in.

5. Other clothes to package

Therefore, to shield from the sun, ensure that you take some t-shirts, sarongs, etc.

Yet, package 1 to 2 formal dresses to wear in areas like churches.

# Packing point:

You need to transport if you are confused what to take and what not to, do this – Pack your back with all those things. After done, begin rejecting one by one and reduce them to half. And also you get your essentials for the trip!

6. Take your medicines if any

If you are on any medication, keep enough of those in your back. Additionally, take a duplicate of your prescription in the event of emergency. The medical stores in Capri mightn't possess the medications you need constantly. Be on the safe side.

Few more things you got to do:

In your sailing vacation in Capri, make sure to see these following places (or you're going to lose the fun!)

  • The Piazzetta – At the port of Marina Grande, visit the heart of Capri; the Piazza Umberto I or La Piazzetta. The four cafe bars are generally open till 2 am to allow you to experience the ' the world's little theater,' in words of Norman Douglas.

Only 10 minutes from Marina Grande, this location is among the very most unaffected beauties of nature. Fortunate ones get an opportunity to taste wonderful acoustics when songs are sung by their boatman.

Plan a day trip and see all these locations that are incredible in your Capri boat leases.

Amazing facts about Capri Island:

a. It's 1.8 miles broad and 3.9 miles long. It's 4.015 square miles in place.

b. The greatest point of Capri is Monte Solaro at 1,932 feet. This location gives an ecstatic view of this Italian island.

c. This island of Capri is formed by rocks that from the Jurassic and Cretaceous era, are historians state.

Your sailing travel guide Capri provided by the chartered boat will have an itinerary detailing your yachting route.

Do you know how Dickens described this majestic island that is Italian?

“In no area on Earth are there so many chances for delicious peace and quiet as on this little island.”

Wish you a safe and wonderful sailing holiday in Capri!

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