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Singapore is one such city in Southeast Asia which gets the huge footfall overall the year. The reasons can be many including the city being a financial hub, a Pioneer in tech-oriented development and also some beautiful attractions for visitors coming to see the city. All of these reasons give rise to need of a good Accommodation in Singapore. For backpackers Budget Hotel Singapore is the best option as it helps them to get their purpose served as they can explore the city in the cheapest possible manner unlike the traditional tourists (who come for celebrating a vacation with their family) at royal Queens we truly take care of all such needs of our customers.

In case if you are not able to make up your mind that what a person can do when he is or she is in Singapore then we here at Royal Queens hotel can help you in this. These are some of the popular destinations is Singapore for visitors coming to admire the beauty of the city.


Universal Studios

This is a perfect place for families and adventure seekers. This is a park with some 20 odd themes. Within its people can get the feel of some very famous attractions situated in the various locations around the world. If you are bringing your kids with you then they are simply going to give you hugs and kisses after the visit as they are truly going to enjoy this experience.

Singapore rent

An Artificial Forest

Yes, it’s one hundred percent true. The people of Singapore developed a green thick forest which is the small size in nature in comparison to a natural real one but what is worth stalking here is looking at the marvel created by human mind. A perfect amalgamation of nature and creativity of mankind- this place holds a lot of variety of plants and organics for people vouching to explore a botanical arena.

Artificial Forest in Singapore
Artificial Forest in Singapore

Street Food Options

Most of the Southeast Asian cities are pretty famous for tasty and spicy Street Side stalls, serving some amazing and Cheap food. For the people passing by the seafood options are the best that come in the dish varieties and as an ingredient to some very popular local dishes as well.

Street Side stalls Singapore
Street Side stalls Singapore

While people come and ask us for a Budget Hotel Singapore there are times when with a heavy heart we have to decline our services to them as either hotel have no rooms for booking or prices are soaring rocket high already (doesn’t match their budget). Usually, this situation occurs when the customer comes to us at the last moment to book a room for him or her. So, by the next time you are coming to us, we request you to kindly book a room while you’re already planning your trip to Singapore. This will not only secure a room in our Hotel but also allow you to save some additional bucks.

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