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Wondering where to visit and perhaps just cool off in Dubai? We're pleased to present to you Dubai's most thrilling water park-Aquaventure water park which has currently gotten better in the recent years after opening four more thrilling slides each perfectly around the Tower of Poseidon, not mentioning, Middle East's longest zipline circuit.

You too and your buddies can now visit here on a weekend getaway or another special occasion. Guess the good news? It's now so much easier booking online from any part of the world on where you not only get the best price guarantee, but you also get the ticket confirmed instantly.

In case you're wondering why you should really visit, below are some reasons:

First off, what awaits at the waterpark?

The first thing that gets your attention here is the park's two major towers:

Tower of Poseidon

Tower of Neptune

Just in case you didn't know, Poseidon means king of the sea in Greek mythology. But here at the mega waterpark, Poseidon comprises of several rides that would absolutely amuse even the royals including:


Let me shock you for a second. This is also the world's biggest waterslide which resembles a captivating humongous sea serpent. Riders on Aquaconda are plunged into a dark, meandering tunnel and finally dropped into yet another record breaking fiberglass tube.

Poseidon's Revenge

Well, if you've got a faint heart, then this one is not for you. To begin with, riders are asked to enter a capsule and remain patient. Even without a signal, the floor collapses from underneath and they're sped down at upto 60 km/hr.


Just how many world records can one park hold? The slide earns its mark on the global scale in that it's the only dual water slide within a waterslide. It offers a perfect opportunity for riders to see who gets to complete its endless twists and turns first. Be careful though, one wrong turn and you head straight into the belly of the Aquaconda 😉 But we promise you'll get out whole and alive.


Well, this is not your typical waterslide. It comprises of vertical drops that suddenly sends you down on a high speed that makes you forget gravity for a moment. If you think you can consur gravity, then this is your perfect ride.

If you don't think the thrills on tower of Poseidon are enough though, below is more to be explored at tower of Neptune:

Shark Attack

If you ride on this one, I promise that it's something you'll remember in a long time. It takes you gliding into the inner tube taking you down the tower of neptune. Before you even know it, surprise! You're in an underwater lagoon swimming back to back with different types of sharks. But trust, it's totally safe.

The Leap of Faith

Taking a leap of faith has never been easy. It'll take you a great deal of courage to try out this ride which stands at 9 storeys. Wondering what to expect? Waiting on a a near vertical drop, then going down at a mindblowing speed and your final destination is an acrylic tube with dozens of cownose rays and sharks. Impressive, right?

Water Coasters

In case you're wondering, yeah, you got that correct! The incredibly wild ride uses jets of water to move riders up and down all the way into a maze of dark tunnels. Towards the end then is a calm river that sails you away.

Fun to Know-Aquaventure Water Park

The park has won several awards (Middle East's travel award 2016) or if you like the 'Oscars of the travel industry'. This world travel award is renowned globally as the ultimate travel award.

The lost chambers aquarium hosts more than 65,000 marine animals.

In the shallow waters of the shark lagoon, you can freely interact with and feed the adorable Cownose Rays

You get to discover the wondrous aquatic world of sharks, rays and colorful fish on the shark safari.

To take a break from the thrills of Aquaventure, go down the 700 metres beach to just relax and unwind (The beach is exclusive to aquaventure water park's and Dolphin's bay guests)

You may also opt to relax and unwind at the serene Neptune's Retreat that's situated on the lush tropical landscapes. This area has a reserved seating area that has complimentary amenities and an all day cabana for anyone seeking to just relax.

Tips Aquaventure Water Park

To get to the park, drive up the palm towards Atlantis. Take a first right at the roundabout before reaching the Atlantis. At the Palm building, a shuttle bus will pick you up from a branded bus hop on/hop off designated area and then finally dropping you at the Avenues entrance.

The entrance to the park is through the avenues and complimentary parking is available at Nasimi beach

Kids under 1.2 metres can head down to splashers which features pools, fountains and mini waterslides

Children aged 2 years or younger can access Aquaventure waterpark free of charge.

For children to access the park without the company of an adult, they must at least be 12 years old.

Some of the rides have a strict height requirement of 1.2 metres

Seeking a beach accessory or souvenir? The waterpark has your back because you can find beach toys, accessories and other essentials e.g. sunscreen that will create just the perfect day for you.

How about soaring high on the longest zipline in Middle East? The Atlantean flyer offers you limitless views of Atlantis, it's incredibly appealing beachfront , and ofcourse the glittering Dubai skyline.

Asking where to dine after a long day of fun, cheers and thrills? Well, the waterpark has upto 15 restaurants and kiosks that all offer different kind of meals, snacks and refreshments.

The park is open everyday from 10:00 AM until sunset (This however depends on time of the year)

Whether you're in the company of friends or family, there's something for everyone to enjoy at Aquaventure water park. It's simply the ultimate aqua experience in Dubai. Book your tickets today online and come let's go aqua.

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