The Grand Canyon Tour In The Winter Of 2018


The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited places in the world, and is one of the most iconic landscapes there is. When you see a picture of the Grand Canyon it is immediately recognizable, and you have probably seen some form of that same photograph in books and magazines at one time or another. Most people who enjoy traveling to open spaces and national parks are going to say that they want to visit the Grand Canyon at least once, but few will probably realize that the Grand Canyon tourist seasons are not exactly what they would expect. During the summer is the busiest time for tourism at the Grand Canyon, however most travelers who arrive there are surprised to find out that during those months the temperatures can easily reach over 100 degrees, making hiking and exploration quite uncomfortable. A far better time to visit the Grand Canyon is in the spring or fall, when the temperatures have come down a bit off their highs into the seventies and eighties, and while this still might be a little warm for hiking you will have a far more comfortable experience.

The winters in the Grand Canyon offer a completely different experience. Because snow is common, you will get a view of the canyon that you have probably never seen before, with the same iconic landscape covered in pristine white snow. Most visitors during the off season will report a few unique elements, first being that tourism is so significantly reduced that you feel like you have the park to yourself. Tourism is generally reduced to about 10% it's summer numbers during the time between December and February, and visitors will see temperatures that are typically in the 40's or 50's during the day at these times. This produces the ability to see for far longer distances within the canyon during these times of year, because the sun is not directly over it. It is common to be able to clearly see mountain tops that are 200 miles away. So if you are willing to wear a jacket and deal with temperatures that are a little cooler than in the summer, you will get an experience that is far more satisfying than in the summer.

The winter of 2018 is shaping up to be unique in the Grand Canyon. Not only are the tourism numbers reduced as is expected and the views are spectacular as they always are this time of year, but the weather is perfect. At a time when we would typically be seeing temperatures in the 40's, we are experiencing daily highs in the mid-sixties. This means you are getting all the benefits of the reduced population numbers and extended views, but also getting them with spring temperatures as a bonus. This situation is sure not to last, so if you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon any time soon, you may want to do it right away instead of waiting. At no other time in the last ten years has this been the case, so get out there and take advantage of it.

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